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How to buy the right iron door handle and furniture canbinet handle

There are many types of doors and windows in the building materials market. The brand and shape of the door handles are also dazzling, and the price range is also very wide. In addition to considering the practicality of the space when choosing the door handle, we must also pay attention to the purchase points. Of course, the price is also one of the determining factors. Generally speaking, the bar handles are more expensive than the spherical ones. On the other hand, the better the hand feel, the higher the finish and the higher the price.

First, how to choose the door handle according to the space

1, the door lock feature is to be strong, anti-theft, the same as the door handle selection.

2, the interior door pays more attention to beauty and convenience, and the aesthetics of the door handle need to be considered.

3, the bedroom door, the living door does not switch, the probability of locking is not large, you can buy the door handle with fewer switches.

4, the door lock of the bathroom is due to the high switching frequency, it is recommended to choose a door handle with high durability.

5, the door handle needs to consider the health problem – the bathroom is suitable for copper handles, because copper products are easier to prevent bacteria than stainless steel, because copper has the effect of eliminating bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a brass door handle in your bathroom at home, which is good for your health.

Second, the points to pay attention to when buying the handle

1, high-grade imported door handles have a full set of imported and imported accessories domestic assembly points, the price is different, should pay attention to distinguish when buying.

2, the more complex the lock is not necessarily more expensive, a properly designed door lock switch operating program can be easily operated.

3, the plastic door handle appearance is not beautiful and is not recommended to buy, the main reason is because the strength is not enough.

16 Jul 2018

How to buy a door knob as kitchen and bed room futnfurniture hardwares

1, the quality of the cabinet handle
Compared with ordinary cabinet handles, high-quality cabinet handles are generally fine workmanship, no flaws on the surface, and feel good to the touch, so we must take care of the quality of the cabinet handles when purchasing. When the quality of the cabinet handle cannot meet your need, it is not recommended to buy.

2, the material of the cabinet handle
As far as the current market is concerned, there are many kinds of materials for cabinet handles. Ceramics, zinc alloys, aluminum alloys and copper are common. For example, copper cabinet handles are relatively hard and are not prone to off-target problems. The ceramic cabinet handle feels better, if gently touched there is a cold feeling. Stainless steel and aluminum alloy cabinet handles, after special processing, have strong corrosion resistance and scratch resistance, and are often used in general households. The surface of the zinc alloy cabinet handle is very bright and looks beautiful. Therefore, we can choose the right cabinet handle material according to your needs.

3, the style and style of the cabinet handle
When choosing a cabinet handle, we must choose a suitable cabinet handle according to the style and style of our cabinet. Usually, the kitchen decoration is mainly European style, then the cabinets should be matched with European style copper cabinet handles. If the kitchen is mainly decorated in Chinese classical style or rustic style, It is recommended to choose ceramic-style cabinet handles and cabinets. The kitchen is decorated in a modern minimalist style, you stainless steel or aluminum alloy cabinet handles and cabinets can be the best choice.

4, the pull of the cabinet handle
In addition to the above points, we also need to pay attention to the pull of the cabinet handle, generally the pull of the cabinet handle is more than 6 kg, if it does not meet this standard, it is recommended not to buy.

10 Jul 2018

The Best Material for Door Handle Knobs of Furniture Hardware

What materials are used in the door handles for everyone? The door handle has a lot of different materials, and the different materials can provide different enjoyment. So what kind of material is the door handle? This question is what we want to introduce today.

Plastic handle: Made of plastic as raw material, plastic is a synthetic polymer compound (polymer), also known as polymer or macromolecules, also commonly known as plastics or resin, you can freely change the style of the body. The plastic handle is produced by the injection molding machine. The mold is designed according to the shape requirements, and the injection molding is performed once. It can also be combined with the zinc alloy parts.

Hardware handle: traditional hardware, also known as “small hardware.” It refers to various metal parts made of metal such as iron, steel and aluminum by forging, calendering, cutting, etc. Such as hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, construction hardware and security supplies. Small hardware products are not the final consumer goods.

Wooden handle: Wood is the hard fiber material that makes up the arbor or shrub stems and branches under the bark. In plants, the cell wall composition of different cells varies greatly due to the infiltration of various other substances into the cell wall. Common substances are horny, suppository, wood, mineral and so on. Wood is hydrophilic and it has a lot of hardness, so the lignified wall increases both mechanical strength and water permeability.

07 Jul 2018

How to choose a door knob when you need a furniture handle or a sliding door handle

When purchasing a handle for furniture, please pay attention to the following two aspects:
1. The style does not have to be too strange
There are a wide variety of furniture handles currently on the market,like . From the point of view of the material, there are plastic handles, wooden handles, crystal glass door handle,iron Handles,Aluminium Alloy Handles,Zinc Alloy Handles,Leather Handles. From the point of view of the shape, there are long strips, rings, diamonds, sticks, flowers, hand-shaped and so on.

When choosing, a single piece of furniture handle does not have to be overly peculiar, generally using long strips, long sticks and mental rounds. These handles can give people a sense of elegance and simplicity.

Combination furniture or more luxurious furniture can choose the style of the new suspect metal handle, the color is required to be brighter, to set off the grace of furniture.

2. Pay attention to contrast and set off the beauty
It is critical to contrast the color of the furniture with the color, shape, and texture of the handle. For light-colored combination furniture, it is more suitable to choose a silver-white ring or a stick-shaped metal handle.They look clean, generous, bright and blend in with light yellow.

Dark furniture chooses a golden metal handle, which makes the color of the two contrast sharply and radiant. Pursue antique dark brown or dark red furniture, choose homemade wooden handle or golden ring metal handle, it will be more solemn.

For furniture cabinet doors or multiple drawers, avoid the choice of long handles and choose a smaller diamond or ring handle. If it is a corner cabinet, you should choose the lively beauty of the smart, fashionable handles against the furniture.


05 Jul 2018

Knowledge of furniture hardware accessories (3)

Multi-element pull handle

The handle (handle) is the “face” of modern kitchen cabinets, not only aesthetic but also durable. Currently popular kitchen cabinet handle materials are metal, marble, solid wood, industrial plastic, etc., with different characteristics, colorful, with a strong sense of modern aesthetics and fashion sense.

1. Metal handles have the widest range of applications. They have the characteristics of bright lines, concise design, and accurate die casting. The design of arcs and strips is based on human hand types. The lines are soft and noble.

2. Variety, lively marble is more suitable for decorative handles, durable marble with stainless steel base decoration aesthetic effect is better.

3. Solid wood handles win the favor of modern people with their natural wood color and texture. Natural wood has more affinity for human beings.

4. A variety of styles and colors of a variety of innovative anti-kitchen environmental pollution of the new synthetic plastic handle, has emerged and dedicated to the vast number of consumers.

Retaining wall (aluminum back wall)

The method of processing the rear wall of the kitchen countertop is also very important. Because, the current fireproof board countertop is still one of the commonly used materials for designing kitchen cabinet furniture. Therefore, the connection processing between the fire board tops and the kitchen wall joints has always been one of the controversial technical difficulties in the kitchen cabinet industry. Through many years of exploration, it has been proved that the best solution for the connection and prevention of fire prevention board tops and kitchen walls is to adopt the “aluminum back wall” treatment method. The yin and yin angle elbow connectors on the aluminum back wall can naturally close along the edges along the right-angle sealing tube.

Skirting board, top line

The top line is a decoration line decorated at the top edge of the cabinet, and the skirting board (including the connector) is a decorative plate that is decorated between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor. The top line and skirting board can play a decorative effect, but also can harmonize the color match, play the role of up and down echo, a natural transition, giving people a harmonious, elegant aesthetic effect, is commonly used in kitchen furniture, decorative supporting materials.

TEMAX design and production of the top line and skirting board (also known as feet), its intrinsic quality, appearance and color processing are all high-quality products (specification: 95mm-10Omm).

Cabinet adjustment foot

Adjusting the feet is an essential accessory for the kitchen cabinet. Open the skirting board that the kitchen refuses, and you can see the bottom of each cabinet of the kitchen cabinet. Use four adjustment feet to support the cabinet and adjust the height of the cabinet flexibly. Good quality adjustment feet are impeccable in terms of design elements, raw material usage, performance, internal strength, and appearance surface treatment.

Folding door slide

Folding door slides are used with folding doors and are now widely used internationally in kitchen cabinets. The application of such a structure fundamentally solves the problem of the process function of the dead corner of the kitchen cabinet, and makes the function and style of the kitchen cabinet more flexible and changeable.

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02 Jul 2018

Knowledge of furniture hardware accessories (2)

Kitchen cabinet drawer guide

Drawer guides for kitchen cabinets are one of the most important hardware components in the manufacture of modern kitchen cabinet furniture and office furniture. Their technical capabilities and quality are second only to hinges. The quality of the drawer slides is not differentiated from the appearance and the way of use. The difference lies in the differences in the quality of materials, principles, structures, equipment, and production processes.

The slide rail is one of the important factors affecting the performance of the drawer. The better sliding function should be the natural combination of the smoothness and the load bearing effect. Among them, the hidden type and the ball type slide rail are two practical ones. Admittedly, the assembly accuracy and quality of the drawer slides and the positioning criteria also tend to affect the smoothness and reciprocity of the slide rails. Therefore, in the selection of different types of drawer slides for installation, careful attention should be paid to the application of space distance positioning dimensions and correct assembly methods, in order to obtain the normal use of drawer slides.

Hanging cabinet pendant

1. Hanging cabinet pendants have not yet attracted enough attention from consumers and taken seriously. However, it is the most reliable, most beautiful and practical scientific method to use high quality hanging cabinets to fix the cabinets. When consumers choose kitchen cabinets, open the hanging cabinet door, you can see two ways to fix the cabinet: one is that there are two ABS parts in the upper and lower corners of the cabinet, and there is no other damage on the back of the cabinet; One is that the back plate is fixed on the wall by a screw threading plate. The rear panel of the wall cabinet is usually only 3mm thick. Adding a set screw is not only a reasonable method for the combination of kitchen cabinets, but also has an effect on the strength of the wall cabinet. After the cabinet is loaded, the screws are loosened and displaced, which easily leads to separation and shedding. s consequence.

2. The use of ABS metal combination pendant without the above concerns. The fixing method is to determine the level first on the wall, then according to the expansion principle, the hanging piece is fixed, the hanging code is installed on the side plate of the hanging cabinet, and after the hanging, the upper and lower, front and rear positioning adjustments are performed, and finally, the additional The cabinet body combiner can ensure the fixed quality and use effect. At the same time, this combined fixing method not only makes the cabinet clean and beautiful, but also has a reliable strength. When the cabinet is tilted and misaligned after load-bearing, it can also be fine-tuned and restored.

3. At present, there are more hanging cabinets produced by companies such as TEMAX, HAFELE and FENNEL. The above-mentioned company hanging cabinet pendant design and processing, scientific structure, excellent material, appearance and exquisite processing technology.

storage hardware

storage hardware components are mostly made of stainless steel and other metal materials, it is a modern kitchen cabinet furniture connecting kitchen space, transition space, make full use of space one of the special hardware. In the kitchen space, no matter whether it is a seasoning rack, a common rack, a wine rack, a cloth rack, or a cooking rack, a circular paper towel rack, all the necessary tools for cooking can be seen at a glance, orderly, easy to use and beautiful in appearance.

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29 Jun 2018

Knowledge of furniture hardware accessories (1)

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for the scientific and technological level and highly flexible use of kitchen cabinet furniture are also increasing, and the new functional connotation and multi-element taste of kitchen cabinet products are constantly given. The technical aesthetic level and comprehensiveness and functionality of modern kitchen cabinet furniture are inextricably linked to the assembly hardware of kitchen cabinet furniture.

As a modern kitchen cabinet furniture hardware “four major” handle, concealed hinges, drawer slides and structural connectors, is undoubtedly listed as an important part of kitchen cabinet furniture design and production to be researched and promoted. In view of this, this article will introduce and analyze the special series of hardware accessories for kitchen cabinet products.

Kitchen cabinet hinge

The basic functions and quality requirements of the hinges, as is known, hinges are often the technical process weaknesses in which the cabinet body and the door panel are joined and opened and closed repeatedly. Since the door panels need to be re-opened and closed several times a day, the quality of the hinges is particularly important.

Generally speaking, the hinge is mainly based on the door opening and closing effect and durability, natural, smooth, silent is the basic performance requirements; secondly, when the door needs to be adjusted for several times, the eccentric depth adjustment function can be easy but very accurate to adjust the position of the door; if the adjustment of the spring closing force is required, the opening and closing effects of the door panel must not be affected by the shape and weight of the door panel. In addition, the plastic ring installed on the bolt can protect the interface of the door panel from frequent opening and closing.

Some well-known furniture hardware processing companies like Temax Furniture Hardware currently have relatively rapid technological development and innovation of hinge products. The constant innovation of this type of product and its infusion of new levels of technological content has also greatly shortened the gap between China’s furniture hardware accessories manufacturing enterprises and international advanced companies of similar products.

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27 Jun 2018

How to install the door hinge – door hinge introduction

The door hinge is often a two-fold type, a part that connects two parts of an object and enables it to move. A hinge is a device used for attachment or rotation to allow rotation of a door, cover or other oscillating member, usually consisting of a pair of metal blades connected by a pin.

How to install the door hinge – door hinge installation method introduced
The installation hinges are stressful. The six main points to note are:

(1) Before installation, check whether the hinge matches the door frame or fan.

(2) Check if the hinge groove and hinge height, width and thickness match.

(3) Check whether the screws and fasteners connected to the hinges are matched.

(4) The connection method of the hinge should be matched with the material of the frame and the fan, such as the hinge used for the steel frame wooden door, the side connected with the steel frame is welded, and the side connected with the wooden door is fixed with wood screws.

(5) In the case of asymmetrical two-page sheet hinges, it should be discerned which page board should be connected with the fan, which page board should be connected with the door window frame, and the side connected to the three sections of the shaft should be connected with the box.The side connected to the shaft should be fixed with the frame.

(6) When installing, ensure that the hinges on the same fan are on the same plumb line so that the door/window fan does not spring up.

The above is an introduction to the installation method of the door hinge.After learning that I believe you will have a certain understanding of the related knowledge of the door hinge. The door hinge is one of the building materials we often need to use when we are in the renovation.It is still very necessary for us to know about some knowledge of door hinge installation. You may wish to consider the our proposal to install the door hinge.

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25 Jun 2018

How to choose a hidden damper slide

Hidden damped slide rails represent the trend of the most up-to-date drawer slides and cause high concern for companies that want to upgrade their products, such as furniture, cabinets, and sanitary ware. The upgrades of manufacturers in these industries can only rely on product upgrades in most cases.

The profit of a featured product brought by a well-functioning hardware is a must for building branded furniture. Hidden damper slides are such a high-grade furniture hardware mute slide rail that fascinates branded furniture and When you look at the drawer from the front you can’t see the track marks.

The more high-tech products are, the more likely they are to have quality problems. If not choose rightly, they may not be as convenient and economical as using ordinary slides. The quality is uneven and prices are far apart when there are so many manufacturers of concealed damper slides in the market. Many production-oriented furniture companies that want to apply are struggling.

So how to choose hidden damper rails? Here are some useful tips.

Slide rail production process: the most direct way to distinguish from appearence is viewing the production process.The general small plant due to competition will use poorer materials, while the mold and production levels are relatively lacking, and the strength of the manufacturer’s hidden damper slide Green steel will be used, its hardness will increase the load bearing rails what make it not easy to rust and mature production process is better.

Pull out the slide rails: Pull and open the concealed damper slides by hand and see if it is very hard to pull out. Many immature manufacturers are afraid that the slide rails will have insufficient strength when the drawer is closed, and increase the strength of the springs. However, there is no way to handle the lightness when it need a lot of strength to be pulled out. This is an immature manifestation.

Slider closing time: Hand-pull opening and closing of the hidden damper slide, close to the slide rail to produce damping effect at the moment to the final closure of about 1.2 seconds is the most appropriate. If too fast,it will produce the impact of the drawer slide sound, if too slow ,it may cause the possibility that the drawer may not be closed tightly for long use. In general, hydraulic buffers for damping rails will make it easier to grasp the closing time, and pneumatic buffers will be more difficult to control.

Whether the slide rail is swaying: The slide rail mounted on the drawer shakes and swings cannot be too volient. If it is, it generally feels bad. The more deadly thing is that shaking the assembly leads to the damper rod damper of the hidden damper slide rail. The danger that eventually emerged led to the disappearance of this high-end function.

Slide durability test: This is the most important indicator of the quality of the slide rails, but not everyone has such a test route, so that the slides can run 50,000 times without damage. It would be a good choice to obtain a certificate from an inspection agency such as SGS. After all, if use a manpower hand to open and close the drawer for 50,000 times, no one will have such a good patience.

Well-known manufacturer of slide rails: Hidden damper slides, stampings require a high degree of automation, hydraulic damping rods also need a high degree of automation to ensure its stability. The general small rail manufacturers, for the development of hidden damper slides, it is difficult to guarantee a one-time mold will be successful.The mold development failed a little bit worse, which means that hundreds of thousands of mold costs will have to Bathing soup. After the production is completed, the molds are modified, and a large amount of cost is also invested. Therefore, even if an ordinary small business knows that its products are defective, it may not be easy to improve due to the shortage of funds and the uncertainty of the market. At the same time, the slide rail companies that can both produce stamping parts and can produce hydraulic damping rods can be said to be very few, and generally take out purchased parts, which will lead to instability and uncontrollability of the product. It is self-evident that a well-known manufacturer of powerful rails has an advantage in ensuring quality.

Shanghai Temax hardware company is a high-speed developing company, dedicated in manufacturing and exporting furniture hardwares for more than 14 years.Try it! To inspect the quality of the hidden damper slide in the display video according to the tips that you know just now.Please enjoy it !

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25 Jun 2018

Temax kitchen cabinet door hinges types soft open hinge 3D Hinge


Type:    Temax kitchen cabinet door hinges types soft open hinge 3D Hinge
Material:  Steel
Color:  Nickel
Size: full cover, half cover, insert
Weight: 115-120g
Depth of hinge cup: 11.5MM
Diameter of hinge cup: 35MM,26mm,40mm
Face panel (K)measurement: 3-7MM
Recommended plank thickness:14MM-21MM/12MM-14MM
General usage range: usage in various types of furnitures or others of all kinds of occasions

1Pc PM09 push open system

2 pcs HBP196 soft psuh open door hinge

one touch the cabinet door will open slowly and safely

automatic opening system for doors without handles or knobs.

The perfect solution for all “push-to-open”

31 May 2018