2017New TEMAX Hidrolik Tas Menteşe 165


Marka :   TEMAX Hidrolik Tas Menteşe
 Stok No :   HB265
 Açık açılı :   165
 Eklenme Tarihi :   2017
Hidrolik Tas Menteşe 165

Hidrolik Tas Menteşe 165

03 Jul 2017

TEMAX Gazlı piston 80N 100N 120 N yıllardır mobilya imalatcılarının en gözde tercihi olmuştur

TEMAX Gazlı Piston 80N 100N 120 N yıllardır mobilya imalatcılarının en gözde tercihi olmuştur.
Normalde piyasada satılan uygun gazlı pistonlar yukarı yöne doğru sert bir şekilde açmaktadır.
Bu sebepten dolayı zamanla kapağın kapanması son derece zor bir seviyeye düşmektedir.
Gazlı piston ürünü kullanıldığında kapak sonunda yavaş bir şekilde kapanmaktadır.
Kapak sertçe vurup ses çıkartmamaktadır.
Ahşap ve alüminyum çerçeveli kapaklar için kullanımı oldukça uygundur.
Mutfak dolapları, ofis mobilyaları, sandık dolapları gibi alanlarda kullanılabilmektedir.
Diğer gazlı pistonların diğer bir kötü özelliği de sabit durmamaları ve yukarıdaki kapaklarda ev hanımlarının işini oldukça zorlaştırmaktadır.
Bu üründe sayesinde kapağı ihtiyacınız olan yere kadar açabilir ve aradada durduğu için dolabın içinde istediklerini aldıktan sonra kolaylıkla kapatabilirler bundan ötürü böyle bir sorunla karşılaşılmamaktadır.
Sonuç olarak bu ürün sayesinde mobilya imalatçıları çok cazip ve uygun fiyatlarla bir çok sorunu halletmiş oluyorlar.
Malzeme:Çelik gazlı amortisör, çelik bağlantı parçaları

  • Kapak Ağırlığı:80N 100N 120 N
  • Üst yüzey:Amortisör gri renk,bağlantı parçaları nikel
  • Birlikte verilen parçalar:gazlı amortisör,ahşap ve alüminyum kapak için bağlantı parçası
  • SGS Test Raporu
TEMAX Gazlı piston 80N

TEMAX Gazlı piston 80N

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TEMAX Gazlı piston 80N 100N 120 N

30 Jun 2017

How Do Cabinet gas Springs Work? | Furniture cabinet gas springs introduce

How Do Cabinet gas Springs Work? | Furniture cabinet gas springs introduce

   Cabinet gas spring is a kind of elastic element with gas as the working medium. It is composed of pressure pipe, piston, piston rod and several connecting parts. The internal pressure is filled with high pressure nitrogen. Due to the through hole inside the piston, the gas pressure at both ends of the piston is equal. And the piston on both sides of the cross-sectional area is different .One side with the piston rod and the other side without it. Under the action of gas pressure, to produce a pressure of the small cross-sectional area, that is, the elastic spring, the elasticity can be set by different pressure of the nitrogen or different diameter of the piston rod. Unlike mechanical springs, gas springs have near-linear elastic curves. The standard elastic modulus of the gas spring is between 1.2 and 1.4, and the other parameters can be flexibly defined according to the requirements and conditions.
Because of the fundamental difference in principle, the gas spring has a significant advantage over the ordinary spring: the speed is relatively slow, the dynamic force changes little, easy to control; the disadvantage is the volume is smaller than the coil spring, the cost is higher, the lifetime is relatively shorter.
The product in the automotive, aviation, medical equipment, furniture, cabinet, machinery manufacturing and other fields have a wide range of applications

Furniture Cabinet_Gas_Springs


PDF Download:Furniture cabinet gas springs introduce



28 Jun 2017


Hammaddesi : Çelik
Çeşitleri : 80N,100N, 80N kısa, 120N
Renk : Gri
Kutu içi adedi : 20 adet
Koli içi adedi : 100 adet


Çeşitleri : 50N,80N , 100N, 120N, 80N kısa gazlı piston

Temax gazlı piston 13 seneden fazladır piyasada satılan ve en çok tercih edilen piston markalarından biridir.

 Uygun fiyatına rağmen kalitesi çok iyidir. Piyasada satılan ucuz ürünlerden çok daha kalitelidir.

 SGS belgesine sahiptir.

Może być stosowany w szafki, meble, kuchnia

gazlı piston TEMAX SGS TEST

gazlı piston TEMAX

gazlı piston TEMAX-01

22 Jun 2017


Size:full cover, half cover, insert
Opening angle:90-110 degrees
Depth of hinge cup:11.5MM
Diameter of hinge cup:35MM
Face panel (K)measurement:3-7MM
Recommended plank thickness:14MM-21MM
General usage range:usage in various types of furnitures or others of all kinds of occasions


21 Jun 2017

gazlı piston fiyatları TEMAX CS25

gazlı piston fiyatları
Item No.:CS25
Loading bearing:50N/80N/100N/120N/150N
General usage:available for all kinds of cabinet door
Accessories:2pc or 3pcs head fittings

gazlı piston fiyatları

gazlı piston fiyatları

gazlı piston fiyatları

gazlı piston fiyatları

gazlı piston fiyatları

gazlı piston fiyatları

gazlı piston fiyatları

gazlı piston fiyatları

gazlı piston fiyatları

gazlı piston fiyatları

21 Jun 2017

China International Furniture Fair Waiting for You

Shanghai Temax furniture hardware company products show in Guangzhou China International Furniture Fair(CIFF) has a grand opening today.Temax has a professional services team to help you to solve the problems of furniture hardware.Welcome to CIFF met Temax in Mar.,29th-Mar.,31th, our booth located at 14.1B03.And if you’re interested in Temax CIFF show, contacts us by info2@shtemax.cn

temax ciff show booth

Many hot products will be Show up in the show, like push to open system and soft close metal box drawer. Furthermore, Temax launched a lot of innovative products in this exhibition.We believe these products will sell hot in the market.

temax products show window

We hope that our hardware products to bring you a comfortable home life, we are committed to our customers to create value for the clients.

temax summarize for better service




29 Mar 2017

We Invite you to CIFF Meet Temax


Founded in 1998, China International Furniture Fair has been successfully held for 38 sessions. Every year the spring edition in Guangzhou connects over 3900 world leading brands with more than 170,000 professional attendees from 200 countries and regions, creating immense value for the international furniture industry.


With the theme of “Better Life, Better Work”, CIFF 2017 will spare no effort to enhance exhibition quality and provide excellent service, bringing closer connection among industry stakeholders. CIFF is the must-attend furniture industry event in Asia that provides all-round solutions for every attendee from afar.

Temx fair

Temax company is furniture hardware industry leader in china.Temax has long been believed in casting brand with quality.Temax company want to use the high quality product and low price for consumer attention.Temax company show CIFF since 2006, at the wonderful exhibition to show off our innovative products.We want to communicate with global hardware purchaser about advanced information,please contact us by info2@shtemax.com.welcome to CIFF met Temx in Mar.,28th-Mar.,31th.Our booth is located at 14.1B03.

16 Mar 2017

Five main types of door mechanism

A door is a moving structure used to block off, and allow access to, an entrance to or within an enclosed space, such as a building or vehicle. Doors normally consist of a panel that swings on hinges on the edge, but there are also doors that slide or spin inside of a space. Similar exterior structures to doors are called gates. Below are five main types of door mechanism.

1.Hinged doors

Most doors are hinged along one side to allow the door to pivot away from the doorway in one direction, but not the other. The axis of rotation is usually vertical. In some cases, such as hinged garage doors, the axis may be horizontal, above the door opening.

2.Folding doors

A folding door is a type of door which opens by folding back in sections or so-called panels. Folding doors are also known as ‘bi-fold doors’, in spite of them most often having more than two panels.

3.Sliding doors

It is often useful to have doors which slide along tracks, often for space or aesthetic considerations.

4.Rotating doors

A rotating door has several wings or leaves, generally four, radiating from a central shaft, forming compartments that rotate about a vertical axis. A revolving door allows people to pass in both directions without colliding, and forms an airlock maintaining a seal between inside and out.

5.Up-and-over doors

Up-and-over or overhead doors are often used in garages. Instead of hinges it has a mechanism, often counterbalanced or sprung, that allows it to be lifted so that it rests horizontally above the opening. A roller shutter or sectional overhead door is one variant of this type.


Know more>> 6 different Types of Sliding Doors.

28 Feb 2017

What is sliding glass door?

A sliding glass door or patio door, is a type of sliding door in architecture and construction, is a large glass window opening in a structure that provide door access from a room to the outdoors, fresh air, and copious natural light. A sliding glass door is usually considered a single unit consisting of two panel sections, one being fixed and one a being mobile to slide open. Another design, a wall sized glass pocket door has one or more panels movable and sliding into wall pockets, completely disappearing for a ‘wide open’ indoor-outdoor room experience.

Sliding glass doors are popular in Southern Europe and throughout the United States, being used in: hotel rooms, condominiums, apartments, and residences; for access to upper balconies; for large views out – enhanced natural light in; and to increase incoming fresh air. In addition Sliding glass doors are commonly used in some regions as doors between the interior rooms of a home and a courtyard, deck, balcony, patio, and a garden, backyard, barbecue or swimming pool area. They are often called Patio doors in this context. They are also used in interior design, often in offices and automobile sales areas, to give soundproof but visually accessible private office space. In residential interiors they are used, often with translucent ‘frosted’ glass replicating a traditional Shōji door, to allow daylight to penetrate further into the dwelling and expand the sense of interior spatial size.


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21 Feb 2017