Different Types of Sliding Doors

A sliding door is a type of door which opens horizontally by sliding, usually parallel to a wall. Sliding doors can be mounted either on top of a track below or be suspended from a track above and some types ‘disappear’ in a wall when slid open. There are several types of sliding doors such as pocket doors, Arcadia doors, and bypass doors. Sliding doors are commonly used as shower doors, glass doors, screen doors, and wardrobe doors.

Pocket doors

Pocket doors

Pocket doors are sliding doors used most commonly in areas where there is no room for a hinged door. A pocket door slides along its own length and disappears into a compartment, or pocket, in the adjacent wall. The rollers are typically located on an overhead track, although they are available with floor tracks.

These doors are used in many applications, including bathrooms, closets, offices, utility rooms, or other areas of the home where space constraints inhibit the use of traditional doors. They are sometimes used to create an architectural effect and can be found in both single and double door varieties.

Arcadia doors

Arcadia doors

Arcadia doors are another popular type of sliding doors. They are rectangular in shape and made of glass. An Arcadia sliding door is mounted on rollers parallel to a fixed glass panel of similar shape. It aligns with the adjacent glass panel when fully open and slides back into place when closed.

These doors are used most frequently as a barrier between the interior and exterior of a home, usually leading to a backyard or patio area. In this application, an Arcadia door is also called a patio door. The name is derived from an affluent manufacturer of this particular type of sliding doors.

Bypass doors

Bypass doors

Bypass doors are sliding doors often used for closets and pantries. They slide past and behind one another when open. When closed, they stand adjacent to one another and effectively block the opening or entrance. Bypass doors are fitted into tracks at both the top and bottom of the door frame.

Other types of sliding doors include louvered or shuttered, mirrored, French and shoji screens. Louvered or shuttered doors are typically used to cover storage closets, utility rooms or pantries. They have the look of real shutters and usually have two doors that slide inward from a central point.

Mirrored doors

Mirrored doors

Mirrored doors are technically a sub-type of sliding doors. They can be found as both pocket and bypass doors. They are usually installed in bedroom closets to give the room a larger feel. They also serve the dual purpose of providing a full length dressing mirror in the room.

French doors

French doors

French doors, although typically swinging, are now available in sliding variations to save space. These are traditional French doors modified to slide instead of swing forward into a room.

Shoji screens

Shoji screens

Shoji screens are another type of sliding door. They are made of wood and translucent paper and have been used by the Japanese for centuries. They have many uses but have become popular in contemporary design with Asian influences. They are most often seen opening onto garden or backyard areas.

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11 Jan 2017

4 Reasons to Choose Temax Soft Close Ball Bearing Full Extension Drawer Slide

With soff close system, it can prevent drawers from slamming shut with integrated soft-close drawer slide technology! Temax Hardware’s Full Extension Soft Close Drawer Slides are compatible with all major drawer and cabinet types. Sizes are available to fit most drawers, making these slides ideal for new construction, remodeling, and replacement projects.

1. Detailed instructions and mounting hardware included for easy installation (additional brackets needed for face-frame drawer construction)
2. Featuring soft-close functionality to close any drawer softly and silently
3.14 in.,16 in., 18 in., 20 in., 22 in. and 24 in. lengths available to fit most drawer sizes
4. Full extension functionality allows for the entire drawer to be accessed

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09 Jan 2017

How about temax hardware company?

Shanghai Temax hardware company is a high-speed developing company, dedicated in manufacturing and exporting furniture hardwares for more than 14 years. Our products line include hinge, drawer slide, door handle, sliding door roller, gas spring,etc. Beside,we supply OEM/ODM service for customers. We adhere to quality oriented, attach importance to customer service , ensure 20days lead time and have complete after-sales service system,thus strengthening the international competitiveness of our company and products.

One-stop Service:

We supply more than 10 series including 1000 different furniture hardwares. All products are SGS certification approved. Our major products are: 1. Cabinet door hinge; 2. Drawer slide; 3. Gas spring; 4. Furniture leg and caster; 5.Open and close hardware; 6. Sliding door rollers.

Customers’ demands comes first:

Based one fully researching on the furniture hardware market, our engineers can provide us at least one new item each month. Also we offer OEM and ODM service according to customers’ demand.


Quality oriented:

We have a complete quality checking system, including the detection on the raw material, production process, finished product and even packing. For each item, we have special quality inspector to responsible for the quality.


Professional ERP order management:

We adopt professional ERP order management system to immediately follow up the schedule of order and feed back to our customers. Real-time following up on the order efficiently guarantee the lead time.

Besides, we have professional after-sales team, offering service for 24 hours.


To be more professional, we have registered two brands: Temax and Kure; Temax is main for hinge and drawer slide, and other kitchen fittings; Kure is professional for Sliding door roller.

As we always adhere to quality-oriented, customers’ demands comes first, professional service and high-efficiency working manner, our company has received a quite good reputation abroad, especially in Asian, South America, South Africa, and Middle East. Shanghai Temax is a company striving to make progress and appreciate innovation. We will try best to research and develop more and more original furniture hardware.


05 Jan 2017

What’s Cam Lock And Nuts?

For the average consumer that doesn’t know what they’re called, they’re named cam lock nuts and cam screws. You’ll hear them referred to colloquially as “knock-down fasteners”

Knock-down fasteners are a hardware device made for the purpose of constructing butt joints that can be assembled and re-assembled repeatedly (hence knock-down). This type of fastener is very popular in flat-pack furniture, which is typified by items such as book cases and wall units that come in a package of pre-cut and pre-drilled components ready to assemble by a novice. They are also very common in modern modular kitchens.

Knock-down fasteners usually consist of cam dowels locked by cam locks, also known as conformat fasteners, installed in adjacent members. The members are brought together and the joint is secured by turning the cam-lock.

31 Dec 2016

What is a soft closing hinge?

a soft closing hinge is usually added with a small hydraulic device- a small hydraulic cylinder.

  1. Features:
    Soft Close Add-on devices.
    For cabinet doors and cabinet drawers.
    Simple add-on devices that will make your existing doors and hinges close softly.
    For soft close add-on devices and hinges with built-in soft close made specially for Blum hinges,click here the similiar hinge—> Blum Soft Closing Hinge.

24 Dec 2016

What is a hinge on a door?

Hinge from Wikipedia, a hinge is a mechanical bearing that connects two solid objects, typically allowing only a limited angle of rotation between them. Two objects connected by an ideal hinge rotate relative to each other about a fixed axis of rotation. Hinges may be made of flexible material or of moving components. In biology, many joints function as hinges like the elbow joint.

There are many types of door hinges. In Temax Furiniture Hardware Company, we offer hydraulic hinges, common hinges, angle hinges, american hinges, glass hinges, spring hinges, piano hinges and so on.

Hydraulic Hinges

17 Dec 2016

Aluminum door hinge how to install aluminum door hinge how to fix

Aluminum doors widely in the market now, many homes have aluminum door, aluminum door hinge how to positions aluminum door hinge how to install it there must be a lot of people care about it. Small series below to see how aluminum hinge installation and aluminium hinges how to position it. Hoping to help yo.

First observation of hinge types, this step is often not easily noticed, but blindly get hinges installed, and easy to misplace, after installation or drilling required and removed, thus affecting the appearance of the door.

1, watching the door or window opening direction is to the left or right opening.
2, measurement, use a measuring plate or private pencil line location, again with an electric drill or hole punch holes in door panel (requires a choice according to hinge mounting hole size drill bit directly), drilling depth is based on a fixed PIN length.
3, the hinges into the hinge hole on the door panel using self tapping screws securing the hinge. Embedded hinges door will hinge Cup holes open, then set in and align the side panels, the base is fixed with self tapping screws.
4, debug, installation results, look at the hinges of the doors and Windows are installed too tight or too loose or the gap is too wide, and so on, which hinge around, up and down, adjust for best Windows and doors, hinge installation is complete.

1, must measure hinge location, otherwise easily lead to doors or Windows installed crooked, even the hinges cannot be installed at all.
2, hinge drilling depth must not be too deep or too shallow, too deep will easily lead to overly flexible loose, if too much light it’s hard to put in the screws, a little lighter. The size of the hole must not be too large, so easily lead to too loose, impact doors and Windows closed to open, thus affecting the life, smaller does not matter, just screw is relatively difficult. When the screws, do not miss, so as not to affect the use of doors and Windows.
Aluminum door hinge location
A positioning hinge, two hinges 1 and 2 with a rotational component.

Turned component including two hinge seat 1, and 2 between has two group turned tablets 3, and 4, two group turned tablets between through hinge 5 connection; turned tablets 3 of end and hinge seat 1 through hinge 6 connection, turned tablets 3 of another end has positioning Rod 7; turned tablets 4 of end and hinge seat 2 through hinge 8 connection, turned tablets 4 of another end has positioning Rod 9; two hinge seat respectively connection has positioning pieces 10, and 11, positioning pieces 10, and 11 Shang respectively has can capacity positioning Rod 7, and 9 in which sliding of sliding slot 12, Slide positioning card installed in slot 13. Due to positioning the hinge Rod installed in 7, 9, hinges on turns, the rod 7, 9 in the chute slide, when Rod 7, 9 meet card points 13 o’clock, card point Rod card, so hinge location.

Source: http://www.shtemax.com/

22 Jul 2016

Introduction of the aluminium sliding door pulleys and wardrobe sliding door roller easy to cheat you, and cherish

Aluminum sliding door pulley structure mainly composed of slide on the wheel, pulley, fixing screws, slide wheel traction screws a few important components. Pulley selection is very important, less prone to noise of pulleys, smooth running, sliding is not smooth, wear-resistant, etc, and contrary to some high quality pulleys.

Pulleys are made of plastic pulleys, pulleys of metal and glass-fiber pulley 3. Metal pulley strength big, but in and track contact Shi easy produced noise, glass fiber pulley, contains roll column bearing, push pulled Shun sliding, wear lasting, box type closed structure effective dust, two a anti-jumped device ensure glide Shi security reliable; and some low-grade push doors of wheels, by organic plastic made, very easy wear deformation, time a long push pulled on level downs, open round structure easy into dust wear internal bearing, there push pulled flexible, a anti-jumped device even no anti-jumped device, push pulled Shi easy derailed, is not security.

Aluminum sliding door pulley model for owners rarely understand, only sliding door pulleys are aware of the problem only when there is a problem in many cases, owners or direct repair replacement Windows and doors company to solve. Sliding pulley model by many, such as according to different materials and thickness, brand, processing methods, specifications, to divide, but each manufacturer has its own model, can be described as a mixed bag. But according to single, double, flat, grooved wheel model has certain rules, sliding door pulleys mainly in a customized manner.
Aluminum sliding door pulleys price varies considerably, from around pulley may be one of the most common and hundreds of led to this factor depends primarily on the pulleys material, thickness, diameter, brand, load-carrying capacity of.
Wardrobe sliding door roller easy to cheat you, and cherish
Wardrobe sliding door roller easy to cheat you, and cherish, when we use on weekdays and pay attention to the daily maintenance of sliding doors, sliding door only by scientific maintenance with longer. Here to explain the wardrobe sliding doors under maintenance: 1. door: sliding door for glass or high density Board. For glass doors and weekday can be wiped using a soft, dry cotton cloth or silk, do not use hard or hard cloth to wipe, you may scratch the surface. Every once in awhile or a door when there is a serious stain, you can use the diluted
On weekdays you use, pay attention to the daily maintenance of sliding doors, sliding door only by scientific maintenance with longer. Here to explain the wardrobe sliding doors under maintenance:

1. door: sliding door for glass or high density Board. For glass doors and weekday can be wiped using a soft, dry cotton cloth or silk, do not use hard or hard cloth to wipe, you may scratch the surface. Each across a time or door has serious of stains Shi, can using diluted had of neutral detergent or glass dedicated detergent wipe, then with dry of pure cotton, and not off hair of rag wipe dry; for high-density Board, should not be with General detergent scrub, often with dry of pure cotton rag wipe can, if water clean, note must to with dry of pure cotton rag wipe dry.
2. the pulley block is the soul of sliding doors, which figure is small, but very important, so pay attention to the maintenance of the pulley. Sliding door pulleys and wheels, wheel if you are needle roller bearings with the sliding up and down, no need to add oil, just pay attention to clean debris. General bearings or rubber wheel to every six months or so in the drops of lubricating the sliding parts, to keep it smooth. In addition, Light sliding door pulley using a long beep is a normal phenomenon, in order to ensure the pulley and lasting smooth and quiet, can regularly every 2-3 months along the top and bottom pulley add some lubricant.
3. track: end of rail easy accumulated dust, it directly effect end of round of sliding, to effect push doors of using life, clean of track will makes pulley of using life greatly extended, thus usually to note often clear end of rail dust and hard real, can using vacuum cleaner clear, corner at with rag dipped water clean, while note with not off hair of pure cotton wipe dry. In addition, the heavy impact, collision to prevent external forces hit the rail, push-pull maneuver to gentle, jerks the impact to prevent violence. If there is track position the slot, align the hexagon wrench to push the side panel to the dense stitching to.

4. border: border of the sliding door is metal, daily cleaning wipe with a dry cotton cloth. If the water used clean, try to wring out the cloth, and then wipe dry with a dry cloth after cleaning, metal surface so as not to damage, affect the appearance. Do not use chemical cleansers or acidic cleaning liquid, found it difficult to remove the black spots on the surface can be a little alcohol wipe.

Source: http://www.shtemax.com/

21 Jul 2016

Sliding door purchase considerations

Sliding door thickness

If the core is made of glass or mirror, usually with 5mm if the door is made of wood core, is 10MM is the best. Some manufacturers save material costs, using a thin wood (8mm or 6mm) instead. Thin boards, push-pull is frivolous, shaking, poor stability, and after a period of use, very easy to warp, card guides, resulting in push-pull is not smooth, affecting the normal use.

Sliding door paint
Paint in spray transfer double Burger, that is dusting the surface and impurity of branded, which increases the adhesion of paint, paint will never fall off, and some small factory section simply bake, not even marked, so the paint off, texture is not clear.
Large sliding door manufacturer’s surface is handled by the company’s own and import advanced technology from, smooth finish, even full, clear texture. Manufacturers of small sliding doors wholesale from factory finished with a color profile, can’t handle the surface, single color, color is not interchangeable, such as transportation or installation profiles appear in the scratch, feeding and do not match the original color, color, and so on. Like Sophia, giants of the ocean, natural doors and Windows, top manufacturers of paint work is very meticulous.
Sliding plate
Sliding Board (mainly in Fiberboard, Particleboard) is a Panel, use adhesives containing formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Many closet door manufacturers in the market, its planks are produced domestically, even with rough lumber, plank formaldehyde content, distribution of indoor, pollution of the environment. In the cold season, when the door is closed, and health impacts on consumers even more.
Sliding pulley material
Pulley metal sliding door is the most important part, pulley on the market are made of plastic pulleys, pulleys of metal and glass-fiber pulley 3. Pulleys of metal strength, but prone to noise when in contact with the track. Carbon fiberglass pulleys, including roller bearing, push-pull, smooth, wear-resistant durable, closed structure an effective dust cartridges, suitable for sand North, two taxiing-proof devices to ensure safety and reliability. While some low-grade sliding wheels, made from organic plastic, easy to wear and deformation, a long time push-pull ups and downs, open wheel dust internal bearing wear, there is push-pull flexible-proof-proof device even without a, easy to push and pull to cheat, is not safe.
Sliding door warranty period
Poor power sliding door manufacturer, pre order, may make beautiful warranty promise to customers, when customers use when problems need to be fixed, such as after-sales service, or deaf, or tuisanzusi, or just deal with, various services exposing the. So consumers are advised before ordering, we need to fully understand the strengths of manufacturers, find out warranty period for product guarantee card after the product installation. Sliding doors are also investing a lot of money, after all, household durables.
Common faults and sliding doors

Many different types of sliding doors, broadly divided into:, external sliding doors, in-line sliding doors, hanging rail with sliding doors, folding sliding doors.
Common faults of main performance and external sliding doors
This style of kind larger, subject more heavy, main to a cabinet two door more, this kind of smooth performance better, but also is easy appeared problem, its main reasons is Cabinet body roof too thin, and horizontal span big caused roof collapsed waist, also some is using years number long has, pulley wear, and accessories loss by caused two door overlap strangled in with, appeared this situation do don’t hard push, and hard pulled, because such not only solution can’t problem, and also will caused kind and accessories of damaged, and or kind off caused dangerous.
Inline sliding properties and faults
Inline sliding style, and many kinds of accessories. 90 early in the mostly small narrow strip of the slide rails, upper and lower the two mosaic on the top and bottom of the slide, Siemens mainly with wooden main door. This sliding door structure in a downturn, push-pull up not only not smooth, and the noise is very large, the main reason is the rail material is too thin, this kind problems in the rail, followed by pulley wear, resulting in kind cannot be pushed or pushed up crackling sound, which only the replacement of parts, or slide. 2000 yihou and appeared has new slide, and pulley Assembly push doors, this is in original based Shang for of once technology update and upgrade, into has Shang, and Xia the a root slide (but a root slide also is two slot), by original of embedded type slide to outside stick type, this style of push doors main to aluminum framework structure mainly, glass, and Venetian, and ornaments Panel supplement. Technology to the improvement of results, this door push/pull is very smooth, if it is not chute is definitely pulley problem. Siemens dislocation are the main problems, jumped out of its orbit, there is a pulley breaks.
Hanging Rails for sliding doors and the common failures

Hanging Rails sliding door is mainly dominated by wooden doors, which are mainly distributed in the partition, such as kitchen, bathroom, closet with very little. This kind has no glide path, and only on a single slide, following only a locator, this door is in good condition, smooth and noiseless, rarely have problems.
Folding sliding doors and the common failures
Folding doors are mainly located in the entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom, storage room, folding doors, each have a single slide, this kind is prone to problems, which is mainly hardware aging, because this kind of accessories in plastic.

Source: http://www.shtemax.com/

16 Jun 2016

Sliding door roller track buying tips

Sash pulley sliding doors, sliding door track is the most important hardware components, their quality affect the quality of the push and pull of the door also directly influence the life of the sliding doors. So, in choosing sliding door when pulley be sure to choose good quality tracks. However, buy the pulley it should pay attention to what matters it? under sliding door brand in Nanjing fly with the share sliding door pulleys, sliding door track to buy skills, go and have a look.

Sliding door roller track buying tips

Prior to the purchase, first of all, we first introduce some knowledge on the pulley and track. Let us know more about the pulley tracks play what role in the sliding door.
A, pulleys
Pulley is very important in the sliding door fittings, at the time of purchase, be sure to ask businessmen what materials are being used. Now pulley has three species, respectively is plastic pulley, it of texture more hard, shortcomings is easy broken, using a time Hou, moved door in push pulled of process on will was astringent; metal pulley quality better, but noise larger; glass pulley is this three species pulley in the best of a, has excellent of toughness and wear sex, push pulled sense smooth, and durable, most important of is pulley is effect moved door life of key factors.

Second, track
Track is another key part of the sliding door, track design and manufacturing can and perfect combination of pulleys is a measure of the quality of the sliding doors method, like sliding doors sliding smoothly, have very good shock absorption and resistance to noise. Purchase also noticed sliding door has no stops and track positioning system, which can be fixed sliding door; is there high adjustment device, another glass of bumper is also important.
Three purchase summary

Rail material should be selected based on the application of a door or window depending on the texture. If doors or Windows are smaller and lighter in weight, you can choose a smaller coincidence some of the tracks, if the door or window is heavy weight, choose heavy track, ensure safe and durable.
All in all, sliding doors now are a category of fashion, but we can’t just focus on the appearance and material. Sash pulleys, sliding door track quality cannot be ignored, because it directly affects the life of the sliding door problems. Over on the sliding door pulleys orbit choose skills to introduce here, we would like to help.

Source: http://www.shtemax.com/

15 Jun 2016