A steel sliding door sliding device

This practical new involved building hardware field of steel push doors, a steel push doors sliding device main by pulley support frame, and since attack screws, and t type head track bolt, and anti-pine nut, and pulley and the stainless steel rails composition, by said pulley support frame cross cut surface c shaped, by said pulley support frame Xia side open has longitudinal pass slot, by said pulley support frame through by said since attack screws connection Yu push pulled doors bottom, by said pulley through by said t type head track bolt fixed in by said pulley support frame bottom, Stainless steel rails fit nest during the steel track. The utility structure simple and easy to implement, and pulley easy replacement can be installed according to the door leaf weight pulley, reduced failure; the stainless steel rail friction coefficient is low, push-pull, smooth, improve overall performance of sliding doors.

Technical field
Areas of the utility model involves building hardware steel sliding doors, in particular to improve the sliding door the overall application performance, push-pull, smooth steel sliding doors runners.
Background art
Currently on the market of steel doors sliding moving pulley, whether single blocks, double pulley, adjustable double, have a common flaw, two pulley is fixed by screws directly to the push and pull on the door. With building opening size of increased, for building of push pulled doors of size also constantly increased, two group pulley by bear of load increases, in repeatedly times push pulled yihou, pulley wear serious, often appeared push pulled not Chang, and mobile noise increased or fundamental cannot using, using process in the while to often replaced pulley, time-consuming effort, on the replaced times Hou very easy led to connection pulley of push doors end of slot small hole variable big, since attack screws tight solid degrees declined.

In order to solve the above problems, the utility provides a plastic sliding door sliding device, can solve the traditional sliding door roller door the overall application performance degradation caused by repeatedly replacing questions.
The programme in which the utility is:
By said a steel push doors sliding device main by pulley support frame, and since attack screws, and t type head track bolt, and anti-pine nut, and pulley and the stainless steel rails composition, by said pulley support frame cross cut surface c shaped, by said pulley support frame Xia side open has longitudinal pass slot, that by said c shaped of opening down, by said pulley support frame through by said since attack screws connection Yu push pulled doors bottom, by said pulley through by said t type head track bolt fixed in by said pulley support frame bottom, by said stainless steel rails had surplus tie embedded sets in steel track ? Shang. Because the pulley is fixed by bolts in the wheel support frame, rather than a direct connection to the sliding doors, can reduce the push-pull doors entities directly wear, replace the pulley without repeated use of tapping screws, the operation is easy; in addition the stainless steel slide stop excessive wear of the pulley on steel track, sliding door greatly life smell.

The beneficial effects of the utility model is:-steel sliding door sliding device structure is simple easy pulley change and installation firm, can be installed according to the door leaf weight pulley-less trouble; the stainless steel rail friction coefficient is low, push-pull, smooth, improve overall performance of sliding doors.

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18 May 2016

How about temax furnture hardware compnay?

Shanghai Temax furniture hardware company is a high-speed developing company, dedicated in manufacturing and exporting furniture hardwares for more than 14 years. Our products line include furniture hinge, drawer slide, furniutre handle, sliding door roller hardware, gas spring,etc. Beside,we supply OEM/ODM service for customers. We adhere to quality oriented, attach importance to customer service , ensure 20days lead time and have complete after-sales service system,thus strengthening the international competitiveness of our company and products.


temax hardware factory

temax hardware factory

p Service:

We supply more than 10 series including 1000 different furniture hardwares. All products are SGS certification approved. Our major products are: 1. Cabinet door hinge; 2. Drawer slide; 3. Gas spring; 4. Furniture leg and caster; 5.Open and close furniture hardwares; 6. Sliding door rollers hardwares.

Customers’ demands comes first:

Based one fully researching on the furniture hardware market, our engineers can provide us at least one new item each month. Also we offer OEM and ODM service according to customers’ demand.

Quality oriented:

We have a complete quality checking system, including the detection on the raw material, production process, finished product and even packing. For each item, we have special quality inspector to responsible for the quality.

Professional ERP order management:

We adopt professional ERP order management system to immediately follow up the schedule of order and feed back to our customers. Real-time following up on the order efficiently guarantee the lead time.

Besides, we have professional after-sales team, offering service for 24 hours.

To be more professional, we have registered two brands: Temax and Kure; Temax is main for hinge and drawer slide, and other kitchen fittings; Kure is professional for Sliding door roller.

As we always adhere to quality-oriented, customers’ demands comes first, professional service and high-efficiency working manner, our company has received a quite good reputation abroad, especially in Asian, South America, South Africa, and Middle East. Shanghai Temax is a company striving to make progress and appreciate innovation. We will try best to research and develop more and more original furniture hardware.

11 May 2016

Different material aluminum sliding door pulleys and sliding door pulleys rust solution

Aluminum sliding door pulleys of different materials compare

Aluminum alloy doors and Windows are basically most heads of households now part, aluminum sliding doors is very popular these days. We all know sliding door is the most important in the pulley, pulley will have a serious impact on the sliding effect. Pulley-the quality is determined by the quality of its ocean shipping, and bearing, the material part of for pulley also played a decisive role. Pulley of the material currently on the market are mainly metal pulleys, glass-fiber pulley and pulley three, then these different pulley-what is different? Fuzhou aluminum small series as soon as we talk about these kinds of differences.

1, metal wheel strength, but prone to noise when in contact with the track.
2 pulleys, glass fibers, including roller bearing, push-pull, smooth, wear-resistant durable, closed structure effective cartridge dust-proof device two taxiing to ensure safe and reliable.
3, some low-grade sliding wheels, made from organic plastic, easy to wear and deformation, a long time push-pull ups and downs, open wheel dust internal bearing wear, there is push-pull flexible-proof-proof device even without a, easy to push and pull to cheat, is not safe.
Aluminum sliding door pulleys are also divided into a number of different models, for example according to different materials and thickness, brand, processing methods, specifications, to divide. Or according to a single, double, flat, grooved wheel model, sliding door pulley major exists in a customized way, to meet the weight and mass of aluminum and glass. Sliding pulley pulley price factors depends on the material, thickness, diameter, brand, load-carrying capacity, price varies, from around pulley may be one of the most common and hundreds of.

Sliding door pulleys rust solution
First suggestion for new and old customers are, select installed on sliding doors hanging rails or pulleys must be selected when the manufacturer. First look at the data from the Internet, and then comparing the quality, only the strong companies have produced products are be assured.
Some rusted pulley, the professionals of our company give you tips from problem-solving. Sliding door pulleys can drop some oil or something, so that you can increase lubrication, not making a raspy sound. Quality is bad, replace it.
Rusty rusty do? A simple hand drill, twist drill bit rusty screws can be removed to replace the pulley.

Sliding door pulleys rust solution can also take out to pulley hanging Rails and remove some lubricant into push aluminum pulley generally receive two, one is copper, one bearing, you put oil down it and it should be no problem.

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25 Apr 2016

Sliding door roler selection of the most important

Sliding door roler hanging round us

Sliding door pulleys, crane wheels are mounted on sliding doors, hanging on the pulley wheel. Quality of the pulleys, hanging round that meets the safe and the installation of bearing adjustment and maintenance convenience.
Push-pull doors than flat-opening doors, small space, beautiful appearance, easy to use, widely welcomed by the owners. If you want to run push-pull doors and Windows properly, smoothly, then choose what Rails is very important.

First, select the pulley should choose the slide material. Now on the market have had mixed track materials. Slide rails for the alloy texture, also part of the slide is made from copper. Alloy rails are divided into ordinary and thickened texture, which is in accordance with the applicable depending on the texture of the door or window. If doors or Windows are smaller and lighter in weight, you can choose a smaller coincidence some of the tracks, if the door or window is heavy weight, choose heavy track, ensure safe and durable.

Second, select the pulley pulley quality should be paid attention. Pulley was sliding, window can not be ignored in Accessories, wheel quality is affected to a large extent, Windows sliding qualities. A good set of pulleys used to smooth, safe, no noise. Quality of ocean shipping and quality decisions bearing pulley pulley. Shipping for nylon fiber or copper material. Copper pulley is strong, but has a sound when pulling; nylon fiber-fiber pulley pulls no sound, but not as copper pulley wear. Bearing materials in very different ways, good quality roller bearings imported stainless steel materials, bearing close sliding soft, no noise, more upscale pulleys can also adjust height, bridging the distance between door and rail, gate and rail connection closer. Doors, quality of the work of the small pulley on the bottom of the window are also quite different, sophisticated technology smaller pulley pulling up light and fast, some block-proof device is also equipped with, use a more secure.

Third, select the pulley should try to buy good reputation and consumer evaluation of brand. Accessories do not use cheap pulleys, or you will lose, brought great trouble to your daily life. Pulley spring, a solid supporting a licence is a good choice.
Sliding door pulleys install the main steps:
Following is a sliding door pulleys install the main steps:
1. slide on the slide installation installation must be on a door width and requested that its door in the open direction beam or awning fixed beam to center of the door opening width as the base to pay attention to the following when the two fixed points slide awning beam or girder connections at about elevation relative to the Center door the same size of the slide. Center line and the color of the slide Board in exterior wall or outside the brick walls of the same size and is sized at half the thickness of the doors plus 20mm a¤ of clearance as for external walls of color plates plus 20mm hemming width is needed.
2. door install door and pulley system is made up of companies in the workshop process. Installed soon after the end of the slide on the wheel pairs into the slide chute and use artificial or other hoisting tool vertical doors shipped to the bottom and doors welded screw into the bolt holes on the pulley double nuts temporarily fasten. Similarly the other doors hang.

3. door adjust door leaf has been hung up after two Center doors were pushed to a door and close it doors as required by outdoor ground elevation flat steel adjustable down to the upper surface of the floor crack in the 0-10MM at the junction of the two doors at the same time to a minimum and the sides perpendicular to the ground. Elevation adjustment with elastic top of nuts. Doors all end of the adjusting wheel on the marketing of the pulley are secured with cotter pins.
4. ceiling installation total adjustments after the doors respectively to all doors closed and pushed its position will slide on the bottom or internal welding angle limit switches at a distance 10MM place by the pulley so that doors open areas limited its effective range. Angle at contact with the pulley set not less than 20mm hard rubber pads as a buffer.
5. bread and door stopper installation guide cake and door stopper installation requirements the point is with the civil cooperation pie centerline positioning the door flat steel locating guide cake out of the ground for the actual location of 10-15mm, spacing of 500mm. Lower limit when it is positioned to push the doors from the outside 10-20mm location embedded in concrete or concrete construction after the fixing with expansion bolts.
6. install sliding door hardware door hardware accessory parts door handle, door latch can be used in all installation and adjustment ends and is correct according to the project by using the hardware installation requirements respectively, should pay attention to the parts of the plane and elevation requirements are set out in the same position to affect the appearance.

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21 Apr 2016

Aluminum sliding doors how to install aluminium sliding doors use

Patterns for small bedroom selected sliding doors is very suitable, it effectively save the usual push the space required, but also guarantee the cleanliness of pattern, aluminum sliding doors are very common products on the market today. Here we see aluminum sliding doors how to install, and aluminium sliding door’s terms of use.

Aluminum sliding doors how to install

Aluminum sliding door installation is divided into two parts, one is aluminum alloy sliding out of the box installation, installation of an aluminum sliding doors, detailed installation steps are as follows:
A, aluminum sliding door frame installation
1, the installation of aluminum alloy under the sliding rail. The orbit bone inserted into the track you want, and then fixed with screws.
2, aluminum with a screw on sliding doors sliding and connects the two sides.
3, followed by the screw on slide and two sides of door frame embedded in the door.
4, levels of infrared measurement of side seal on both sides of the outer and inner side of the verticality, ensure the door horizontally and vertically (if necessary, communicate with owners broke down the great wall).

Lock 5, side mounted with screws on both sides.
6, both sides lock install locks, screws (ensure the lock on the door lock). 7, put the rubber cover on the lock.
Second, installation of doors
Doors installed doors and pulley systems are usually made of aluminum alloy door and window company in the workshop process. Installed soon after the end of the slide on the wheel pairs into the slide chute and by manual or other hoisting tool vertical doors shipped to the bottom and doors welded screw into the bolt holes on the pulley, with double nuts temporarily fasten. Similarly the other doors hang.
Third, hardware installation

Hardware install aluminum sliding door hardware accessories common handle, latch on the door over and correct installation and adjustment. According to owner previously used hardware for installation, installation should pay attention to all parts of the plane and elevation requirements are set out in the same place so as not to affect the appearance. Aluminum sliding door has just completed the installation process, different companies may have different installation methods, but the steps are similar.
Aluminum sliding doors use
Sliding window open, the clutch handle rotates 90 degrees first, semi-lock the handle rotates 180 degrees, move window lock to open, gently push the sash, and external forces cannot act directly in the window lock;
Closed, gently sliding sash, shut down the window sash in place, hold hands, close sash window lock reverse rotation, ensure that the sash gap seal tight.

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19 Apr 2016

Sliding door roller replacement is? aluminum pulley-how to install?

We should all know this material of aluminum alloy, features some advantages that you may know it, then aluminum pulley do you know? below together with the small series to learn of aluminum door pulley replace what is and how to install aluminum pulley is, hope I can give you some help.

Aluminum door pulley replacement method:
1. buy original Windows accessory pulleys. (Different pulley size, will make the Windows could not be installed or is loose)
2. hands holding the frame, lift up, then down, then use the screwdriver to unscrew four screws. (Also riveted silver, type can be drilled with a pistol)
3. then the glass down carefully, open-sided aluminium alloy frame, see the bottom pulley, change, apply some lubricant.
4. all packed up, can be installed on Windows.

Aluminum door pulley installation
1. the construction preparation
(1) materials
(2) material type and specification: aluminium profile 80 series
(3) types of glass, thickness: double insulated glass 4+6+4
(4) equipment: aluminum cutting machines, hand drills, Rotary Rasp, semicircular Rasp, Phillips screwdriver, needle, iron feet, compasses, ruler, steel ruler, steel ruler, drills, hammers, shovel, trowel, a bucket, water brush, welding, welding masks, welding lines, and so on.
2. aluminum Windows installation process line found embalmed → rules → do find is temporarily fixed window frames in place → → → plug gap around boxes and wall connections → Setup → install the sash window fixed glass → accessories → glue with clean
3. aluminum Windows 3.1 installation operation line rules
(1) plumb line: on top of the building after the Find window, with its window edge subject, under the edge with a theodolite, and identified by the layer window. Individual tick the window straight chisel trim.

(2) elastic horizontal lines: the horizontal position of the window, back up +50cm horizontal line shall prevail, measure the window height, find direct line. Each floor and elevation of the skin under the window in the same room, it should be consistent.
4. in and out of here: according to the width of the detail of the walls and sill plates, determining the wall thickness of aluminum window in and out of interest. If wall thickness deviation should, in principle, subject to the exposed width of the sill plates of the same room.
5. preservative treatment: aluminum alloy window frame around the outside shall be treated according to design drawings requirements.
6. window frames in place: after the aluminum window frames on the wall, generally placed in the hole in the mounting position line.
7. alignment temporarily fixed: State after box, adjust, correct, its vertical, horizontal, diagonal and into position, meets those requirements, temporary wood wedges fixed.
8. connection box and the wall: aluminum alloy window frame and wall connections by preinstalled frame connections with bolts and wall connections (according to the design requirements for a good lightning protection connection), specific installation methods see the tender joints.
9. plug gap around: aluminum alloy window frame after the fix is installed, should be checked for vertical, horizontal, diagonal and depth that the location is in a fixed-displacement, as does not meet the requirements, immediate corrective action, determined correctly, can be conducted around the seam. According to the design requirements addressing the gap between aluminum alloy window frame and the wall. In the process of packing, aluminum alloy window frame to prevent collision, so as to avoid deformation.
10. install the fixed glass window: glass to tear away the protective film on the window, clean the glass in place. Single piece of glass smaller sizes, using two operations in place; block size is large, glass suction cups that are available to install. Before you install the glass should be a 3mm thick elastic cushion is padded around in glass blocks, to cushion the impact of opening and closing forces. Blocks should be located in 1/4 glass side. Glass is not direct contact with the aluminium profiles and screw to prevent fragmentation. Will bead up and filling sealing and gluing according to design requirements. Sealing tape (glue) should be smooth, smooth, no loose, dense, so as to avoid water seepage.
11. install the sash 3.9.1 Installing condition: aluminum window sash installation should be carried out in civil engineering construction completed to keep aluminum Windows are intact. 3.9.2 Installing push-pull window sash: prior to installing the push-pull window sash, first tear off the protective tape, check the seal on the fan top any less or particles. If there is loss, available glass glue bonding. Will be inserted at the top of the window frame slides on the window sash, and drag down the pulley is stuck in the slot of the track, after the installation, debugging, ensure that the push-pull flexible, compact.
12. Accessories: interior decoration after the installs hardware fittings (handles, latches, etc.). Hardware should be complete, matching, securely, using flexible, correct position, upright appearance.

13. glue and wipe
14. playing rubber: in window frames both inside and outside on both sides by wall of around Shang, and box and box Zhijian of seams at, first cut off outside box around residues of protection paper, again cleaning clean and rubber contact of real surface, then with rubber gun along gap pressure juice sealed rubber, and makes rubber surface flat, and uniform, and smooth, and no stomatal, playing rubber Hou must guarantee in 24 hours within not by vibration, ensure sealed firm.
15. cleaning: tarnish in the box, fan, glass and cement paste, adhesive traces on the windowsill and dirt, clean with wipes buqing.

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17 Apr 2016

Aluminum sliding door roller OK characteristics of aluminum alloy sliding doors

Sliding door all like, but the pulleys for sliding doors is not very understanding is very important to choose a good sliding door pulley, then, the following knowledge to introduce sliding door pulleys and want to help.

Good, aluminum sliding door pulleys
Aluminum sliding door pulley structure mainly composed of slide on the wheel, pulley, fixing screws, slide wheel traction screws a few important components. Pulley selection is very important, less prone to noise of pulleys, smooth running, sliding is not smooth, wear-resistant, etc, and contrary to some high quality pulleys.
Pulleys are made of plastic pulleys, pulleys of metal and glass-fiber pulley 3. Metal pulley strength big, but in and track contact Shi easy produced noise, glass fiber pulley, contains roll column bearing, push pulled Shun sliding, wear lasting, box type closed structure effective dust, two a anti-jumped device ensure glide Shi security reliable; and some low-grade push doors of wheels, by organic plastic made, very easy wear deformation, time a long push pulled on level downs, open round structure easy into dust wear internal bearing, there push pulled flexible, a anti-jumped device even no anti-jumped device, push pulled Shi easy derailed, is not security.

Aluminum sliding door pulley model for owners rarely understand, only sliding door pulleys are aware of the problem only when there is a problem in many cases, owners or direct repair replacement Windows and doors company to solve. Sliding pulley model by many, such as according to different materials and thickness, brand, processing methods, specifications, to divide, but each manufacturer has its own model, can be described as a mixed bag. But according to single, double, flat, grooved wheel model has certain rules, sliding door pulleys mainly in a customized manner.
Aluminum sliding door pulleys price varies considerably, from around pulley may be one of the most common and hundreds of led to this factor depends primarily on the pulleys material, thickness, diameter, brand, load-carrying capacity of.
Second, characteristics of aluminum sliding door
First of all, aluminum with high strength, corrosion resistance, difficult deformation characteristics. Aluminum door was used to shape a year, after analysis, under normal conditions of use, deformation of aluminum alloy, probably because the thin thickness of aluminum alloy profile
It is understood that currently available to consumers to buy aluminum-alloy interior door in the building materials market, profiles of 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 mm and various thickness. Thickness 1.2 mm aluminum alloy door strength, on the premise of normal use, 5-8 will not be deformed. But some of the smaller manufacturers in order to reduce production costs and cut corners, and even use 0.6 mm thickness made of aluminum bathroom door. This aluminum alloy doors because the thickness of the material is not enough, easily lead to deformation. Profile thickness directly determine the pros and cons of aluminum doors. When consumers buy aluminum door, not cheap thin profile and selection of aluminum doors.

Secondly, the aluminum doors also have a characteristic decorative … Now all building materials on the market most of the aluminum doors are inlaid with various colors of art glass. The single layer of glass, there are stronger, good sound insulation, double insulating glass. According to reports, select the aluminum doors with mosaic glass, in particular the use of insulating glass products, be sure to pay attention to its sealing properties. If the seal is bad, it will cause the insulating layer of filth is affected. Brand products are made of high quality rubber seal, with Advanced heat seal technology for Omni-directional sealing, effective dust-proof, waterproof, and outstanding sound insulation.
Check the sealing of glass aluminum door compartment, in addition to viewing the front glass outside the gel coat is tight, to check whether the door seals on the back glass formation, requires no crimping, no de slot.
Aluminum production process is relatively simple, many small manufacturers can produce, but mainly in the quality of the production process is fine. The source says, quality of welding process reflects the height of door. High quality aluminium doors, fine processing, welding stress, especially the splicing part is flat. Poor quality of aluminum alloy doors and Windows, blindly choosing aluminum series and specifications, processing crude, flat door frame corner location cannot be spliced, and sometimes even larger gaps.

Consumer purchase, paying particular attention to check for defects, such as welding, welding the phenomenon such as spills. Remains to be seen whether closed door leaf and door frame reinforced, and clearance is uniform, open and flexible. Consumer checks after the welding process of aluminum alloy door, also look painted bright colors, texture is clear, note that paint does not have obvious defects such as scratch scratch, bubbles.
Above is to show you the importance of pulleys for sliding doors, different sliding door, select the pulley is not the same, the price is not the same, and when choosing a pulley, must be particularly cautious, because a good roller can bring very little trouble, but will also decide on a sliding length of life.

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06 Apr 2016