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How to choose a hidden damper slide

Hidden damped slide rails represent the trend of the most up-to-date drawer slides and cause high concern for companies that want to upgrade their products, such as furniture, cabinets, and sanitary ware. The upgrades of manufacturers in these industries can only rely on product upgrades in most cases.

The profit of a featured product brought by a well-functioning hardware is a must for building branded furniture. Hidden damper slides are such a high-grade furniture hardware mute slide rail that fascinates branded furniture and When you look at the drawer from the front you can’t see the track marks.

The more high-tech products are, the more likely they are to have quality problems. If not choose rightly, they may not be as convenient and economical as using ordinary slides. The quality is uneven and prices are far apart when there are so many manufacturers of concealed damper slides in the market. Many production-oriented furniture companies that want to apply are struggling.

So how to choose hidden damper rails? Here are some useful tips.

Slide rail production process: the most direct way to distinguish from appearence is viewing the production process.The general small plant due to competition will use poorer materials, while the mold and production levels are relatively lacking, and the strength of the manufacturer’s hidden damper slide Green steel will be used, its hardness will increase the load bearing rails what make it not easy to rust and mature production process is better.

Pull out the slide rails: Pull and open the concealed damper slides by hand and see if it is very hard to pull out. Many immature manufacturers are afraid that the slide rails will have insufficient strength when the drawer is closed, and increase the strength of the springs. However, there is no way to handle the lightness when it need a lot of strength to be pulled out. This is an immature manifestation.

Slider closing time: Hand-pull opening and closing of the hidden damper slide, close to the slide rail to produce damping effect at the moment to the final closure of about 1.2 seconds is the most appropriate. If too fast,it will produce the impact of the drawer slide sound, if too slow ,it may cause the possibility that the drawer may not be closed tightly for long use. In general, hydraulic buffers for damping rails will make it easier to grasp the closing time, and pneumatic buffers will be more difficult to control.

Whether the slide rail is swaying: The slide rail mounted on the drawer shakes and swings cannot be too volient. If it is, it generally feels bad. The more deadly thing is that shaking the assembly leads to the damper rod damper of the hidden damper slide rail. The danger that eventually emerged led to the disappearance of this high-end function.

Slide durability test: This is the most important indicator of the quality of the slide rails, but not everyone has such a test route, so that the slides can run 50,000 times without damage. It would be a good choice to obtain a certificate from an inspection agency such as SGS. After all, if use a manpower hand to open and close the drawer for 50,000 times, no one will have such a good patience.

Well-known manufacturer of slide rails: Hidden damper slides, stampings require a high degree of automation, hydraulic damping rods also need a high degree of automation to ensure its stability. The general small rail manufacturers, for the development of hidden damper slides, it is difficult to guarantee a one-time mold will be successful.The mold development failed a little bit worse, which means that hundreds of thousands of mold costs will have to Bathing soup. After the production is completed, the molds are modified, and a large amount of cost is also invested. Therefore, even if an ordinary small business knows that its products are defective, it may not be easy to improve due to the shortage of funds and the uncertainty of the market. At the same time, the slide rail companies that can both produce stamping parts and can produce hydraulic damping rods can be said to be very few, and generally take out purchased parts, which will lead to instability and uncontrollability of the product. It is self-evident that a well-known manufacturer of powerful rails has an advantage in ensuring quality.

Shanghai Temax hardware company is a high-speed developing company, dedicated in manufacturing and exporting furniture hardwares for more than 14 years.Try it! To inspect the quality of the hidden damper slide in the display video according to the tips that you know just now.Please enjoy it !

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25 Jun 2018

ÇİFT AÇILIM BİLYELİ TELESKOPİK RAY-TEAMX soft closing ball bearing slide

Genişlik Uzunluk
45 MM 300 MM
45 MM 350 MM
45 MM 400 MM
45 MM 450 MM
45 MM 500 MM
45 MM 550 MM

TELESKOPİK RAY-TEAMX soft closing ball bearing slide

TEMAX ürün ve gruplarında kaliteye önem vermektedir. Uzun ömür ve dayanıklılık esaslarına uygun üretim ve memnuniyet odaklı çalışmaktadır. Temel misyonumuz dünden bugüne hiç değişmemiştir

RAY FRS 45M350 SLW, 45M400 SLW, 45M450 SLW, 45M500 SLW,

ÇİFT AÇILIM BİLYELİ TELESKOPİK RAY TEAMX -DB456F soft closing ball bearing slide



ÇİFT AÇILIM BİLYELİ TELESKOPİK RAY  TEAMX -DB456F  soft closing ball bearing slide


12 Sep 2017

Four Different Types of Drawer Slides

1.These are regular low-profile drawer slides, we call it painted drawer slides. They are inexpensive and easy to install, and are placed at the bottom of the drawer. Though they are not for drawers with a lot of weight to them, they are very good for drawers in nightstands or dressers, or even pullout trays in desks for keyboards. They can be found in any home improvement store. Get more painted slides.

2.There are ball-bearing type of slides. Two fold or there fold slides, because they can be positioned anywhere on the drawer (not just the bottom) and slide so smoothly. They are better at handling heavier drawers like the trash bin for the kitchen. Better ball bearing slide has soft close function. Get more ball bearing slides with soft close.

3.The Undermount drawer slides give you the maximum width provided in the drawer space. With under mount drawers, the drawer slide is attached to the bottom of the drawer as opposed to the side. Higher-quality cabinet lines use under mount drawer slides over side-mount slides. With under mounts drawer slides, you actually gain more interior space due to not having to compensate for the space of the slides on the side they are also slightly stronger than side mounts slides due to the weight being contained underneath. The sides of the drawer will remain bare because the metal slides will not be exposed. Get more undermount drawer slides.

4.If you’d like to get extra fancy, the Temax Tandembox slides will have you spoiled in no time. They are deluxe metal drawer system,open smoothly and close quietly thanks to their integrated soft close feature. They are actually the slide and drawer side in one. You add the bottom, back, and drawer front. They are self-closing (which contributes to the being spoiled part) and can be customized by using a design element. Get more tandembox drawer slides.

26 Jan 2017

Baner Box Soft Close Metal Box Drawer

Baner Box is a sub-brand of TEMAX Furniture Hardware Company, with 13 years marketing experience in Furniture Hardware,we set up our new brand BanerBox.

Baner Box is Temax’s deluxe metal drawer system. It is available in two different colors to match your cabinets perfectly, and it can even be customized by using a design element as the drawer side.

Baner Box drawers open smoothly and close quietly thanks to their integrated soft close feature. Every Baner Box drawer is full extension, meaning you’ll have access to everything in the drawer, even the items in the back.

Product information:
Wide range of drawer lengths – 11″ to 26″ (270 – 650 mm)
Top drawer heights in N (68 mm) and M (84 mm)
Deep drawer heights in a variety of design options

26 Jan 2017

What is 3D Adjustable Undermount Soft Close Slide?

Undermount Drawer Slides: An uncommon alternative to side sliders comparing to traditional side drawer slides.

One of the biggest disadvantages of conventional side mount hardware is that the metal itself must often withstand a large amount of strain. The entire weight of anything placed within the drawer sits directly on the mechanism. Often, this mechanism is made out of folded metal, which may already reduce its strength.  The result is a mechanism which undergoes more strain than is necessary. The exception to this is industrial strength sliders, which are made in such a way that strain is minimized.

There is one clear advantage of using under mount sliders: their ability to be almost completely hidden.

Temax undermount is not only concealed but also with 3 way adjustable clip that can help your drawer remove from the front to back, left to right and up and down.

SIDEWAYS adjustment 

+ 2 mm – 2mm

Rotate the wheels towards the front of the drawer to adjust left. The clip shows the position 0.

This operation is tool free

Rotate the wheels towards the back of the drawer to adjust front. The clip shows the position 0.

This operation is tool free

DEPTH adjustment 

+4 mm 0 mm

Rotate the blackwheel towardsthe inside of the drawerto reducethe gap between the front and the side.

The clip shows the position 4.

This operation is tool free

Rotate the wheel towards the outside of the drawer to reduce the gap between the front and the side. The clip shows the position 0.

This operation is tool free

HEIGHT adjustment 

+ 2.5 mm  0mm

Initial position of the levers for the height adjustment  

Push the lever towards the inside of the drawer to achieve the height adjustment.

This operation is tool free.

Function:  Full extension Concealed Soft close with 3D adjustable function

Loading limit is from 25-35kg

Length is from 12-22inch.

Application: Office furniture ; Home furniture; Kitchen furniture; Bathroom furniture; Tool box industries.

Below is a guide pic for your reference.

Having all this information readily available will help you when it comes time to decide whether our 3D adjustable undermount slides or normal slides are right for your project and market.

23 Jan 2017

How to Choose a Kitchen Drawer?

If you are confused how to choose a Kitchen Drawer which is “Simple” while “Functional”, that can meet with your different demand.

If you seek for some Drawer can fully use your Kitchen space?

If you want your Drawer looks Luxurious and Beautiful?

If yes, TEMAX TANDEMBOX will be your best choice.

TEMAX TANDEMBOX is a kind of Full extension soft close metal box slide.

which can offer a comprehensive range of applications as below.

1, TEMAX Tandembox with different heights and loadings—have 86mm, 136mm, 168mm and 200mm heights, and 35KG and 65KG loadings, can fully meet with your demand for different heights and weights of goods.

2, TEMAX Tandembox with Glass—200mm height Tandembox can have more space and better protect for your dinner plates, and you can also use our Plastic plate holder to take out plate easier and fast.

3, TEMAX Tandembox Separation system—keep all canned in each grid so you can find them immediately.

4, TEMAX Tandembox Inner Drawer—since drawer panels are with same sizes, when put low height of trays inside, use 2 inner drawers inside can fully utilizing space. And only use 1 panel can open 2 drawers, more convenient.

5, TEMAX Tandembox Tower—has large capacity to store your snacks and excellent overview of your grocery items, also make your Cabinet looks simple outside and convenient which only use 1 door while can with many inner drawers inside.

6, TEMAX Tandembox Corner—usually 2 common drawers in corner can’t open at the same time which will block by each other, while TEMAX Tandembox Corner can combine them in 1 drawer which is more convenient and maximum utilization of corner space.

7, TEMAX Tandembox with Trash bin—Trash bin inside your drawer can keep your kitchen clean and cut off bad smell from Trash.

8, TEMAX Tandembox for Sink—drawer leave space for Sink so make full use of the remaining space. Also we have Stainless Steel Tandembox so can better waterproof.

By the way, same function also can be used for wash basin.

Here are Temax metal box drawer slide series to arm your Kitchen Drawer!

19 Jan 2017

How to Choose the Right Length Full-Extension Drawer Slide?

How to Choose the Right Length Full-Extension Drawer SlideFull extension drawer slides are very popular with cabinet builders and homeowners. This style of slide provides access to all items stored in the drawer by allowing the drawer to extend all the way to the front edge of the cabinet.

The most common full-extension slides used in and around homes are generally rated for 100 lbs.

Why is it important to measure accurately?

By taking the time to measure correctly, you get the correct item and do not have to make returns to the store or online merchant. All this takes up valuable time and adds unnecessary cost to your project.

How do I correctly measure my drawer box?

When measuring your drawer, it is best to completely remove it from the cabinet or dresser. Depending on the type of slide you currently have, it may have a release lever or the drawer simply lifts and can be removed for measuring.

It usually isn’t necessary to remove the old hardware to get your measurement.

To measure the drawer, you take the measurement of only the drawer box. The false front (where the knob or pull attaches to the drawer) is NOT part of the drawer box.

How do I determine my inside cabinet depth?

First, look inside your cabinet for any obstructions, extensions, wooden supports or other structural items that may interfere with the operation of your drawer slides.

Full extension slides are side mounted drawer slides. If you are replacing or upgrading existing drawer slides, bear in mind due to the mounting orientation, you may find it difficult to switch to a full extension slide.

Measure the inside of the cabinet from inside front to the inside back wall. This will give you your cabinet depth.

Why is clearance important?

The common installation width on full extension slides is 1/2″ per side. If you do not have this clearance, you will not be able to install the slides.

To determine your clearance, measure the outside width of the drawer box. Now measure the inside width of the cabinet. For example, if your cabinet is 15″ wide (inside cabinet measurement) and your drawer box is 14″ wide (outside drawer box measurement) you will have the 1/2″ on each side to properly install the slides.

There is however, another type of full extension slides with a higher weight rating which have 3/4″ per side installation clearance. I will address that in another blog article.

Selecting your slides!

Now that you have accurately taken your measurements, you can select your drawer slides. If you have the proper clearance with no obstructions to interfere with the function of the slides, all that is left to do is determine what length to order.

If your drawer box is 16″ you would order a 16″ drawer slide. If the drawer measurement  is slightly off and is just a tad shorter than the full 16″ (as an example) 15 -3/4″, you would order the next size shorter to ensure the drawer will fully close.

17 Jan 2017

What’s Tandem Box Drawer?

TANDEMBOX is Blum’s deluxe metal drawer system. It is available in two different colors to match your cabinets perfectly, and it can even be customized by using a design element as the drawer side.

TANDEMBOX drawers open smoothly and close quietly thanks to their integrated soft close feature. Every TANDEMBOX drawer is full extension, meaning you’ll have access to everything in the drawer, even the items in the back.

Now we temax furniture hardware also offer TANDEMBOX drawers, just like our soft close drawer slides series, model BN301BN302, NB303 etc.

16 Jan 2017

How to choose the right drawer slide?

Cabinet drawer slides are vital elements of any furniture design. They are one of the most stress-intensive elements of any design, and they’re one of the first to fail if they’re selected badly. Selecting the right option for a particular project will lead to a longer lifespan on the piece in question and better performance in the short term.

Full extension drawer slide is a very popular type of drawer slide that is used often in kitchens and bathrooms. Full extension is an ideal way to extend the existing space that make it more convenient to take something from you drawer or put something in it. In this type of slide, two rails are installed on both sides of the drawer. They are widely available in different lengths, materials and weights, so it’s easy to find slides that are right for your home. These slides are very visible when drawers are open and slightly lessens the drawer width. They can be used to hold more weight than other types of slides, so they come in handy with larger loads.

Another good option for cabinets is soft close. These basic sliders use a mechanism to ensure that they do not slam shut when closed. Instead, they come to a gentle close, which can lengthen the lifespan of the mechanism itself. And also they can be self-locking, that cannot open itself when the drawer is too heavy. These are a good option for any kind of standard project. They don’t require much maintenance, and are easy to install. They are particularly favorable for residential projects and furniture where their delicate close can be observed and appreciated by people who use them every day.

Obvious, full extension soft close drawer slide is the best option for customers.

Here are 3 TEMAX type items for your choice.

full extension soft close drawer slidefull extension soft close drawer slidefull extension soft close drawer slide


12 Jan 2017

4 Reasons to Choose Temax Soft Close Ball Bearing Full Extension Drawer Slide

With soff close system, it can prevent drawers from slamming shut with integrated soft-close drawer slide technology! Temax Hardware’s Full Extension Soft Close Drawer Slides are compatible with all major drawer and cabinet types. Sizes are available to fit most drawers, making these slides ideal for new construction, remodeling, and replacement projects.

1. Detailed instructions and mounting hardware included for easy installation (additional brackets needed for face-frame drawer construction)
2. Featuring soft-close functionality to close any drawer softly and silently
3.14 in.,16 in., 18 in., 20 in., 22 in. and 24 in. lengths available to fit most drawer sizes
4. Full extension functionality allows for the entire drawer to be accessed

Click here to know more related soft close drawer slides.

09 Jan 2017