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TEMAX-New damper gas spring with soft close-cs28

Item No.:


Material: SPCC+CU+NBR
Finish: silver,white,gray,black,golden
Loading bearing: 50N/80N/100N/120N/150N
General usage: available for all kinds of cabinet door
Accessories: 2pc or 3pcs head fittings
Type: CS28 TEMAX new damper gas spring with soft close


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01 Sep 2017

How Do Cabinet gas Springs Work? | Furniture cabinet gas springs introduce

How Do Cabinet gas Springs Work? | Furniture cabinet gas springs introduce

   Cabinet gas spring is a kind of elastic element with gas as the working medium. It is composed of pressure pipe, piston, piston rod and several connecting parts. The internal pressure is filled with high pressure nitrogen. Due to the through hole inside the piston, the gas pressure at both ends of the piston is equal. And the piston on both sides of the cross-sectional area is different .One side with the piston rod and the other side without it. Under the action of gas pressure, to produce a pressure of the small cross-sectional area, that is, the elastic spring, the elasticity can be set by different pressure of the nitrogen or different diameter of the piston rod. Unlike mechanical springs, gas springs have near-linear elastic curves. The standard elastic modulus of the gas spring is between 1.2 and 1.4, and the other parameters can be flexibly defined according to the requirements and conditions.
Because of the fundamental difference in principle, the gas spring has a significant advantage over the ordinary spring: the speed is relatively slow, the dynamic force changes little, easy to control; the disadvantage is the volume is smaller than the coil spring, the cost is higher, the lifetime is relatively shorter.
The product in the automotive, aviation, medical equipment, furniture, cabinet, machinery manufacturing and other fields have a wide range of applications

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28 Jun 2017