Aluminum sliding door roller OK characteristics of aluminum alloy sliding doors

Sliding door all like, but the pulleys for sliding doors is not very understanding is very important to choose a good sliding door pulley, then, the following knowledge to introduce sliding door pulleys and want to help.

Good, aluminum sliding door pulleys
Aluminum sliding door pulley structure mainly composed of slide on the wheel, pulley, fixing screws, slide wheel traction screws a few important components. Pulley selection is very important, less prone to noise of pulleys, smooth running, sliding is not smooth, wear-resistant, etc, and contrary to some high quality pulleys.
Pulleys are made of plastic pulleys, pulleys of metal and glass-fiber pulley 3. Metal pulley strength big, but in and track contact Shi easy produced noise, glass fiber pulley, contains roll column bearing, push pulled Shun sliding, wear lasting, box type closed structure effective dust, two a anti-jumped device ensure glide Shi security reliable; and some low-grade push doors of wheels, by organic plastic made, very easy wear deformation, time a long push pulled on level downs, open round structure easy into dust wear internal bearing, there push pulled flexible, a anti-jumped device even no anti-jumped device, push pulled Shi easy derailed, is not security.

Aluminum sliding door pulley model for owners rarely understand, only sliding door pulleys are aware of the problem only when there is a problem in many cases, owners or direct repair replacement Windows and doors company to solve. Sliding pulley model by many, such as according to different materials and thickness, brand, processing methods, specifications, to divide, but each manufacturer has its own model, can be described as a mixed bag. But according to single, double, flat, grooved wheel model has certain rules, sliding door pulleys mainly in a customized manner.
Aluminum sliding door pulleys price varies considerably, from around pulley may be one of the most common and hundreds of led to this factor depends primarily on the pulleys material, thickness, diameter, brand, load-carrying capacity of.
Second, characteristics of aluminum sliding door
First of all, aluminum with high strength, corrosion resistance, difficult deformation characteristics. Aluminum door was used to shape a year, after analysis, under normal conditions of use, deformation of aluminum alloy, probably because the thin thickness of aluminum alloy profile
It is understood that currently available to consumers to buy aluminum-alloy interior door in the building materials market, profiles of 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 mm and various thickness. Thickness 1.2 mm aluminum alloy door strength, on the premise of normal use, 5-8 will not be deformed. But some of the smaller manufacturers in order to reduce production costs and cut corners, and even use 0.6 mm thickness made of aluminum bathroom door. This aluminum alloy doors because the thickness of the material is not enough, easily lead to deformation. Profile thickness directly determine the pros and cons of aluminum doors. When consumers buy aluminum door, not cheap thin profile and selection of aluminum doors.

Secondly, the aluminum doors also have a characteristic decorative … Now all building materials on the market most of the aluminum doors are inlaid with various colors of art glass. The single layer of glass, there are stronger, good sound insulation, double insulating glass. According to reports, select the aluminum doors with mosaic glass, in particular the use of insulating glass products, be sure to pay attention to its sealing properties. If the seal is bad, it will cause the insulating layer of filth is affected. Brand products are made of high quality rubber seal, with Advanced heat seal technology for Omni-directional sealing, effective dust-proof, waterproof, and outstanding sound insulation.
Check the sealing of glass aluminum door compartment, in addition to viewing the front glass outside the gel coat is tight, to check whether the door seals on the back glass formation, requires no crimping, no de slot.
Aluminum production process is relatively simple, many small manufacturers can produce, but mainly in the quality of the production process is fine. The source says, quality of welding process reflects the height of door. High quality aluminium doors, fine processing, welding stress, especially the splicing part is flat. Poor quality of aluminum alloy doors and Windows, blindly choosing aluminum series and specifications, processing crude, flat door frame corner location cannot be spliced, and sometimes even larger gaps.

Consumer purchase, paying particular attention to check for defects, such as welding, welding the phenomenon such as spills. Remains to be seen whether closed door leaf and door frame reinforced, and clearance is uniform, open and flexible. Consumer checks after the welding process of aluminum alloy door, also look painted bright colors, texture is clear, note that paint does not have obvious defects such as scratch scratch, bubbles.
Above is to show you the importance of pulleys for sliding doors, different sliding door, select the pulley is not the same, the price is not the same, and when choosing a pulley, must be particularly cautious, because a good roller can bring very little trouble, but will also decide on a sliding length of life.