For home purchase sliding doors, pulley and track key

Sliding door with its convenient, attractive and space-saving feature by an increasing number of consumers, here we introduce knowledge about sliding doors. Currently market Shang of push doors type range, but up of also is carbon steel material and aluminum titanium material border of push doors, this material made of push doors rugged, push doors of door now more used glass material, also has using wood business of door, here need note too thin of door thin, and ethereal, easy deformation, best is thickness reached 1cm, and 1.2cm of plate, such of door with up only stable, and durable, reached normal using of requirements.

Sliding doors is the key at several sites, pulley, track and seal, from these areas can choose a good quality, feature good sliding.
First, we introduce knowledge of the pulley first. Pulleys are accessories for sliding doors is very important, at the time of purchase, be sure to ask businessmen what materials are being used. Now pulley has three species, respectively is plastic pulley, it of texture more hard, shortcomings is easy broken, using a time Hou, push doors in push pulled of process on will was astringent; metal pulley quality better, but noise larger; glass pulley is this three species pulley in the best of a, has excellent of toughness and wear sex, push pulled sense smooth, and durable, most important of is pulley is effect push doors life of key factors.

Secondly, is another key part of the sliding door track, rail design and manufacturing can and perfect combination of pulleys is a measure of the quality of the sliding doors method, so that sliding doors sliding smoothly, have very good shock absorption and resistance to noise. Buy when there is attention to stop sliding blocks and track positioning system, which can be fixed sliding; whether there are high adjustment device, another glass of bumper is also important.