How to choose a door knob when you need a furniture handle or a sliding door handle

When purchasing a handle for furniture, please pay attention to the following two aspects:
1. The style does not have to be too strange
There are a wide variety of furniture handles currently on the market,like . From the point of view of the material, there are plastic handles, wooden handles, crystal glass door handle,iron Handles,Aluminium Alloy Handles,Zinc Alloy Handles,Leather Handles. From the point of view of the shape, there are long strips, rings, diamonds, sticks, flowers, hand-shaped and so on.

When choosing, a single piece of furniture handle does not have to be overly peculiar, generally using long strips, long sticks and mental rounds. These handles can give people a sense of elegance and simplicity.

Combination furniture or more luxurious furniture can choose the style of the new suspect metal handle, the color is required to be brighter, to set off the grace of furniture.

2. Pay attention to contrast and set off the beauty
It is critical to contrast the color of the furniture with the color, shape, and texture of the handle. For light-colored combination furniture, it is more suitable to choose a silver-white ring or a stick-shaped metal handle.They look clean, generous, bright and blend in with light yellow.

Dark furniture chooses a golden metal handle, which makes the color of the two contrast sharply and radiant. Pursue antique dark brown or dark red furniture, choose homemade wooden handle or golden ring metal handle, it will be more solemn.

For furniture cabinet doors or multiple drawers, avoid the choice of long handles and choose a smaller diamond or ring handle. If it is a corner cabinet, you should choose the lively beauty of the smart, fashionable handles against the furniture.