How to Choose Similar Kitchen Blum Tandem Box Slice Drawer Slides in Mexico?

Similar Kitchen Blum Tandem Box Slice Drawer SlidesSimilar Kitchen Blum Tandem Box Slice Drawer Slide

Pay attention to the structure and material of drawer slide rail. The drawer slippery course of kitchen of choose and buy is the most important is bearing weight is good, among them the drawer slippery course that connects with whole is best, of 3 points join next, and have the characteristic with disassembly simple even. To drawer slippery course for, inferior material is having fatal effect to the quality of slippery course, when choose and buy, want to feel the slippery course of different material material with the hand carefully, choose feel reality, hardness is taller, heavier slippery course.

according to the needs of their kitchen cabinets, buy the right model. Buy kitchen hardware fittings, must want to form a complete set with ambry ability to go, because this is right, the model requirement such as drawer slippery course asks extremely strict, the length of slippery course, the requirement to the drawer is key consideration factor. If the drawer to put very heavy things, it must pay great attention to the drawer sliding rail bearing weight, and sliding rail in the load-bearing circumstances can withstand the number of times.

45MM Stainless steel Soft Close Kitchen Drawer Slide45MM Stainless steel Soft Close Kitchen Drawer Slide

Select drawer slide rail for field test. Good kitchen drawer sliding rail push and pull resistance is very small, and when the rail to the end, the drawer will not fall off or overturned, in the scene you can also pull out of the drawer, with your hand on the top of the drawer, to see if the drawer is loose, whether there is clang sound. At the same time, drawer slippery course is pulling the resistance in the process in the drawer, answer bounce force to appear where, smooth slippery, also need you to be in the spot push pull a few times more, ability judges after observing.