How to Disassemble Heavy Duty Half Extension Drawer Slide for Drawer in Russia?

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Fixed in the cabinet body of furniture, for the furniture drawer or cabinet board in and out of the activity of the hardware connecting parts, sliding rail is applicable to cabinets, furniture, cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other wooden and steel drawers and other furniture drawer connection. Ambry drawer slippery course is affecting ambry drawer to be able to be pushed smoothly freely pull, push pull to what level, bearing how, can you overturn. Look from current technology bottom drawer slippery course is better than sideslip course, what whole and drawer join is compared 3 o ‘clock join is good. Drawer sliding rail material, principle, structure, process and so on vary greatly, high quality sliding rail resistance is small, long life, smooth drawer. When choosing ambry, quality of steel of drawer slippery course is the most important likewise, good ambry drawer can be pulled completely do not turn over fall off, and disassemble is simple.

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Different specifications of drawer steel thickness is different, bearing is also different. It is understood that big brand the drawer of a 0.6 meters wide, drawer slippery course steel has nearly 3mm thick, bearing can achieve 40 — 50 kilograms. Can pull drawer when choose and buy, press in a way above with the hand, see whether to be able to come loose.

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Pull ark body relaxed above all, but must maintain stable state when pulling, such ability won’t have harm to ark body and orbit when pulling. See if there are sharp buttons on either side of the cabinet. If you see them, try pressing them down with your hands. If you can press them, you will hear a click. After the press, remove it gently and in a flat position so that it does not cause too much damage to the track. After pulling out again, verify, the orbit of drawer slippery course is because of be out of shape, or other circumstance appears, if encounter, be out of shape, had adjusted the position of be out of shape normally, be in again its are installed good, according to former means, put its among them, this can finish drawer slippery course easily disassemble