How to Install the Plastic Furniture joint Cabinet Connectorin in Italy?

Plastic Furniture joint Cabinet ConnectorPlastic Furniture joint Cabinet Connector

Assembly furniture, the installation of two individual cooperation installation to a few times faster than a person’s time, many parts of board type furniture installation need to hole, need to coordinate several fixed screw fixed screens at the same time, the position of a person very inconvenient installation, if need to install two cabinets, two people cooperation need half an hour to complete, respectively to install a cabinet, each person will need at least 1 hour or even longer to complete the installation.

before installing board furniture, it is best to classify all the screws, because installation board furniture will use several kinds of screws. The advantage of sorting is that you can find which screws you need right away; Do not classify, what screws need, get the screw bag inside rummage, a waste of time.

Zinc finish Zinc alloy Housing and finish Iron CamZinc finish Zinc alloy Housing and finish Iron Cam

For the tools for installing board furniture, it is necessary to charge the wireless drill bit. Neither the electric drill bit nor the manual cross-driver is as good as the charged wireless drill bit. The power of the electric drill is too high and the force is not easy to grasp. It is possible to turn the screws too tightly or even drill through the panel. And the hand – operated cross – stitch makes board furniture very difficult to secure firmly.

There are three holes in total on two plates to be connected, including inner and outer tooth holes, lock holes and hanging rod holes (the lock holes and hanging rod holes are together and on two adjacent surfaces of the same board).

Install the embedded inner and outer teeth, and screw the hanging rod to the inner and outer teeth until the end. This is more secure