How to Install Wholesale Kitchen Cabinet Knobs Ceramic Kitchen Cabinet Knob in Iran?

Current, specification of door of glass cupboard shake handshandle is not same, because this is in door of glass cupboard shake handshandle of choose and buy what need to consider most is specification of door of glass cupboard shake handshandle, choosing style of shake handshandle next. Glass cupboard door handle specification if the handle hole distance is different, can’t install, so before buying shake handshandle, be sure to carefully measure glass cupboard door handle hole distance.

wholesale kitchen cabinet knobs ceramic kitchen cabinet knobwholesale kitchen cabinet knobs ceramic kitchen cabinet knob

on the market at present the most common glass door shake handshandle specifications are: length 300 mm, 25 mm in diameter and pitch of 200 mm, length 450 mm, 32 mm in diameter and pitch of 300 mm, length of 1200/1600/1800/2000 of a millimeter, 38 mm in diameter and pitch 900/1200/1400/1500 of a millimeter, etc. In addition, there are many other specifications of glass door handles on the market, but many are not common in daily life.

zinc alloy kitchen cabinet door handleszinc alloy kitchen cabinet door handles

The handle hole on glass cabinet door, finish processing when cutting glass commonly. Toughened glass door handle connection part should not be too tight when inserted into the hole, should be slightly loose; If the insertion is too loose, the insertion part can be wrapped with soft tape. Before installation, apply a little glass glue to the part of the glass cabinet door handle that is inserted into the glass.

new aluminium kitchen cabinet door handlesnew aluminium kitchen cabinet door handles

When the handle is assembled, the root of the handle is close to the glass and then the fastening screw is pressed to ensure that the handle is not loose. If glass cupboard door without prior punch 10 mm glass drill bits are available, and measure the hole spacing (center to center) of glass door shake handshandle, mark on the glass door, watering holes, when installed on from the outside, inside screw handle long screw, don’t leave the shake handshandle of screw outside, to the glass door shake handshandle of removing from the outside.