How to Install Zinc Alloy Furniture Furniture Accessories Plastic Shelf Support?

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Pneumatic support also known as air support, air spring, pneumatic rod and so on. Its material is iron more, surface color is given priority to with argent, also have do black wait for other color. Air support developed very early, so the technology is also relatively mature, the use of the general can reach 30,000 times. More divided into a section of strength support, two sections of strength support, the full buffer air support. Whole buffer gas stretch stretch the most smooth, no oil or gas leakage, but the price is higher, the general family with two pieces of strength can support.

Zinc Alloy Furniture Shelf Support

Pneumatic support has pneumatic and hydraulic points, at this stage to do more pneumatic, mostly in the air, there are also filled with nitrogen, but few and expensive. The air support also has turns up and down and the length divides. Its bearing capacity is 50N, 60N, 70N, 80N, 90N, 100N, 110N, 120N, 130N, 140N, 150N, etc., depending on the weight of the door plate. Air support at both ends of the connection head, olive head, large iron plate, wire head, adjustable and so on.

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The air spring piston rod must be mounted downward, not upside-down, to reduce friction and ensure the best damping quality and buffering performance. The decision fulcrum installment position is whether the gas spring carries on the work correctly the guarantee, the gas spring must use the correct method installment, namely when closes, lets it move through the structure center line, otherwise, the gas spring can often push the door automatically.

When installing the connecting point, it should be rotated flexibly and there should be no clamping phenomenon. Choose the size to be reasonable, the size of the force to be appropriate, piston rod travel size to leave a margin of 8 mm.