Knowledge of furniture hardware accessories (3)

Multi-element pull handle

The handle (handle) is the “face” of modern kitchen cabinets, not only aesthetic but also durable. Currently popular kitchen cabinet handle materials are metal, marble, solid wood, industrial plastic, etc., with different characteristics, colorful, with a strong sense of modern aesthetics and fashion sense.

1. Metal handles have the widest range of applications. They have the characteristics of bright lines, concise design, and accurate die casting. The design of arcs and strips is based on human hand types. The lines are soft and noble.

2. Variety, lively marble is more suitable for decorative handles, durable marble with stainless steel base decoration aesthetic effect is better.

3. Solid wood handles win the favor of modern people with their natural wood color and texture. Natural wood has more affinity for human beings.

4. A variety of styles and colors of a variety of innovative anti-kitchen environmental pollution of the new synthetic plastic handle, has emerged and dedicated to the vast number of consumers.

Retaining wall (aluminum back wall)

The method of processing the rear wall of the kitchen countertop is also very important. Because, the current fireproof board countertop is still one of the commonly used materials for designing kitchen cabinet furniture. Therefore, the connection processing between the fire board tops and the kitchen wall joints has always been one of the controversial technical difficulties in the kitchen cabinet industry. Through many years of exploration, it has been proved that the best solution for the connection and prevention of fire prevention board tops and kitchen walls is to adopt the “aluminum back wall” treatment method. The yin and yin angle elbow connectors on the aluminum back wall can naturally close along the edges along the right-angle sealing tube.

Skirting board, top line

The top line is a decoration line decorated at the top edge of the cabinet, and the skirting board (including the connector) is a decorative plate that is decorated between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor. The top line and skirting board can play a decorative effect, but also can harmonize the color match, play the role of up and down echo, a natural transition, giving people a harmonious, elegant aesthetic effect, is commonly used in kitchen furniture, decorative supporting materials.

TEMAX design and production of the top line and skirting board (also known as feet), its intrinsic quality, appearance and color processing are all high-quality products (specification: 95mm-10Omm).

Cabinet adjustment foot

Adjusting the feet is an essential accessory for the kitchen cabinet. Open the skirting board that the kitchen refuses, and you can see the bottom of each cabinet of the kitchen cabinet. Use four adjustment feet to support the cabinet and adjust the height of the cabinet flexibly. Good quality adjustment feet are impeccable in terms of design elements, raw material usage, performance, internal strength, and appearance surface treatment.

Folding door slide

Folding door slides are used with folding doors and are now widely used internationally in kitchen cabinets. The application of such a structure fundamentally solves the problem of the process function of the dead corner of the kitchen cabinet, and makes the function and style of the kitchen cabinet more flexible and changeable.

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