Modern Furniture Hardware Glass and High-Gloss Accessories with Soft Close System

The development of modern furniture hardware accessories also advocates people-oriented; and popular new high-end disassembled furniture hardware. The development and introduction of new hardware accessories, the updating and improvement of functions, styles and quality have also given the continuous development of furniture styles and functions. In order to improve the production efficiency of furniture, facilitate production and design, standardize, serialize and generalize the processing of furniture holes, resulting in a 32mm series, which realizes the standardization and strong interchangeability of furniture parts. The standardization of furniture also makes furniture hardware more convenient in terms of versatility, interchangeability and functionality.

    Looking at the latest technology and application of modern furniture hardware, there are four main aspects:

    1. In modern furniture hardware, the proportion of glass, high-gloss materials (mute, paint, high-gloss veneer, etc.) and metal materials combined with traditional furniture plates has an increasing trend. For example, the application of all-glass door hardware is gradually increasing.

    2. the damping function has become an essential function of all kinds of furniture. For example, the most used ones are damping drawer rails, damper door hinges, damping sliding door hardware, damper door bumps, and damping up and down door hardware.

    3. can be raised and lowered combination table system, desktop storage management system, such as: LCD monitor bracket, telephone bracket and so on. Various wire management systems, such as desktop dark sockets and various specialized hardware, are widely used in office furniture. For example: heavy-duty fishing basket drawers, office door hinges, etc.

    4. Pressing the door hinges, drawer rails and dark handles are widely used in furniture without handles and dark handles, such as PUSH hinges, press pins, PUSH drawer rails, and dark handles. Concealed connectors are connected between two boards, the connectors are not visible from the outside, and there are numerous ways to connect them. Dark handle furniture, there is no handle on the surface, more use on the kitchen cabinet, the cabinet is now also used, these push-type anklets, press it when opening.

08 Aug 2018

The Cabinet Drawer Slide Rail Behind The Bedroom Drawers and kitchen Drawers

The drawers of the bedside table, the drawers of the dressing table, the drawers of the TV cabinets, etc., the drawers in the furniture are always hidden but everywhere. The beauty of the drawers is a matter of personal preference, but the function and lifetime depend on the quality of the slides and the hinges. Similarly, because the rails are frequently used hardware accessories, it is very important in furniture fittings.

Slide rail: both sides must be leveled

According to professionals, the importance of the slide rail is second only to the hinge. The better sliding function should be the natural combination of the smoothness and the load-bearing effect. Under the rated load-bearing conditions, there is no obvious friction and jamming phenomenon, and the sliding is smooth. It plays an important role in the use and lifetime of the drawer. At present, the more common ones on the market are “iron plate sliding rails” and “damping pumping rails”. The general load-bearing weight of the iron plate sliding rail is about 35 kg, and the damping pumping rail is between 45 kg and 70 kg, which not only pulls silent, but also increases the bearing capacity. According to the professional, the damper suction rail can reduce the noise caused by severe mechanical collisions and prevent premature aging of metal parts, and has the function of automatically removing dust. It is understood that the choice of slides is the recognition of the brand, the price difference is also larger, the well-known brands of thicker siding, fine workmanship, durable, small brand sliding rails are thin, workmanship, will appear after a period of use Poor sliding, noise, damage, etc.

Tip: If there is a problem with the slide rails, beside the quality of the product, there is another reason that the installation is improper, it is likely that the two sides are not leveled.

03 Aug 2018

Crystal Glass Door Handle for Furniture Hardware

What is the difference between crystal handles and other material handles?

The crystal handle is not only a static beauty, but also has a dynamic beauty. The light passes through the refraction and reflection of the crystal, and the crystal handle looks very bright and very dynamic, just like a diamond inlaid on the furniture. Coupled with the silver plating at the bottom of the crystal, this effect is enhanced. This is a unique effect that no other handle has!

The crystal handle is different from the acrylic plastic handle:
Acrylic plastics are softened at a certain temperature and have good moldability. They can be pressed into different handle shapes and the price is relatively cheaper than crystal. The crystal handle is the biggest difference from her: the gloss of the acrylic plastic handle is completely lacking in the vitality and liveliness of the crystal handle. It is a relatively dull vision, especially the longer the time, the more dim.
Please be sure to identify which material handle you need.

Crystal handle products can be used for handles in cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, jewelry boxes, gates, faucets, etc. The advantages of crystal handles are unparalleled! From the appearance, it is crystal clear, natural light is pure and flawless like ice, and the light is more dazzling like a diamond. From the use, it is not easy to wear, never change color, durable, and has a cool and smooth touch. Paired with furniture to showcase the noble taste.
Crystal handle is the perfect combination of crystal craft and real life, art and life.

01 Aug 2018

The Way to Change Kitchen Cabinet Door Handle or Bedroom Door Furniture Hing Pull Handle

If you have a problem with your home door handle recently and want to change it, which material is better? What should you pay attention to when purchasing and replacing?

At present, the common material for the door handles on the market is 304 stainless steel. Generally, the weight of a pair of handles is about one kilogram. It is recommended to try the weight when purchasing. The good materials are heavy and good. The stainless steel panel is made of water-brushed wire drawing process, and the handle is smooth and smooth. The handle is ergonomically designed and has a full grip.

Before replacing the door handle, you need to measure the following data: 1. Panel screw hole pitch; 2. Center distance; 3. Door thickness. At the same time, it is necessary to grasp the direction of the door handle of the house, generally divided into: right inner opening, right outer opening, left outer opening and left inner opening, according to the direction of the outer door handle. In addition, the handle functions sold in the market are divided into single-activity function, double-active function, single-active double-opening, and recommended menu-active function. The door is fixed and the door is pressed and opened.

After the handle is bought back, the installation steps are generally as follows: 1. Remove the original panel handle; 2. Unscrew the new panel screw with a screwdriver; 2. Remove the panel and lock cap; 3. Install a new lock cap; 4. Install new Panel handles. You can replace the installation yourself, or you can find a professional to install it.

30 Jul 2018

Lasted Trends of Stainless Steel Door Handle Furniture Hardware

As consumers’ living standards improve, consumer awareness is gradually changing. In the past, consumers may be concerned about the price and practicality of the product. Now, not only is it satisfied with practicality and aesthetics, but the demand for quality of life is also increasing. Therefore, the market potential of high-end furniture products can be imagined and will become the mainstream trend in the future market.

     The development and introduction of new hardware accessories, the updating and improvement of functions, styles and quality have also given the continuous development of furniture styles and functions. Furniture hardware can be roughly divided into two categories: decorative hardware and functional hardware. Today, with the high level of industrial production, the two are gradually moving toward unity under the guidance of industrial design theory.

     The quality of the furniture depends on the style, material and effect. It is decorated with various decorative pieces on the surface of the furniture to add a finishing touch. The use depends on the functional hardware. Functional hardware determines the style of the furniture to a certain extent.

26 Jul 2018

High Quality Ceramic Handle Hardware Makes the Bedroom More Retractable

It is understood that home hardware can be divided into two categories according to the settings: the former includes handles, hinges, slide rails, etc., the latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories. Hinges, slides. hinges and locks are more important in life and are therefore more important. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, more and higher requirements have been placed on hardware accessories. In the furniture industry, the quality and grade of furniture are reflected in the selection of hardware accessories. The inconvenience of using furniture is largely due to improper or missing hardware accessories. The industry often said: “As long as there are corresponding hardware accessories, complicated multi-functional furniture can be produced.”However, The value of hardware in furniture accounts for 5%. It can be seen that the importance of hardware in furniture.

    Beyond functionality, increasingly decorative and intelligent

    In the past, home hardware more emphasized its mechanical properties, rust resistance, moisture resistance, fatigue properties of moving parts and other qualities. Today, furniture is increasingly demanding personalization and integrity. In addition to satisfying the above-mentioned functions, furniture hardware must have an eye-catching decoration and integrity with the overall home decoration style. In terms of the most common handles, in addition to stainless steel handles, there are black, bronze, chrome, pearl nickel and clear lacquer on the market. In the shape, there are European, Chinese, conventional, special, etc. To meet the diversified needs of consumers. What’s more, after the introduction of a pure gold handle with a value of 108,000 in 2008. Shanghai Temax has developed a series of ceramic handle which pays more attention to the appearance.The decorative development trend of furniture hardware can be seen.

23 Jul 2018

The Cost of Furniture Hardware Such As Hinge,Handle,Fittings

With the changes in consumer demand, home improvement hardware is increasingly diversified in function, moving towards decorative and intelligent.

    Hardware accounts for 10%-20% of the cost of decoration materials

    “I didn’t expect home improvement hardware to be so expensive, I always thought that it would be possible to get a few hundred dollars.” Xiao Yong, who just joined the decoration family, has recently encountered trouble. Xiao Yong’s new home is more than 50 square meters. After careful calculation, he set the cost of decoration materials at around 30,000 yuan. In the process of purchasing materials, he found that the home hardware such as light door locks, hinges, and handles cost more than 3,000. This expenditure was not estimated by him. “It seems that the original budget of 30,000 is definitely It is not enough.”

    “This kind of over-spending phenomenon is very common among the first-time decorators.” Designer Bo told reporters that in modern home decoration, people tend to invest more financial and material resources in the selection of large items, often overlooking some. The choice and budget of the hardware accessories. Generally speaking, if it is a simple two-bedroom room of less than 100 square meters, the medium-priced hardware is used, and the hardware cost accounts for 10%-20% of the entire decoration materials, and the cost cannot be compressed any more. Bo recommends that consumers choose high-quality, small hinges when choosing the key household hardware such as faucets, door locks, hinges, etc., to determine whether a door can last for a long time. The key to flexible opening.

19 Jul 2018

How to buy the right iron door handle and furniture canbinet handle

There are many types of doors and windows in the building materials market. The brand and shape of the door handles are also dazzling, and the price range is also very wide. In addition to considering the practicality of the space when choosing the door handle, we must also pay attention to the purchase points. Of course, the price is also one of the determining factors. Generally speaking, the bar handles are more expensive than the spherical ones. On the other hand, the better the hand feel, the higher the finish and the higher the price.

First, how to choose the door handle according to the space

1, the door lock feature is to be strong, anti-theft, the same as the door handle selection.

2, the interior door pays more attention to beauty and convenience, and the aesthetics of the door handle need to be considered.

3, the bedroom door, the living door does not switch, the probability of locking is not large, you can buy the door handle with fewer switches.

4, the door lock of the bathroom is due to the high switching frequency, it is recommended to choose a door handle with high durability.

5, the door handle needs to consider the health problem – the bathroom is suitable for copper handles, because copper products are easier to prevent bacteria than stainless steel, because copper has the effect of eliminating bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a brass door handle in your bathroom at home, which is good for your health.

Second, the points to pay attention to when buying the handle

1, high-grade imported door handles have a full set of imported and imported accessories domestic assembly points, the price is different, should pay attention to distinguish when buying.

2, the more complex the lock is not necessarily more expensive, a properly designed door lock switch operating program can be easily operated.

3, the plastic door handle appearance is not beautiful and is not recommended to buy, the main reason is because the strength is not enough.

16 Jul 2018

How to buy a door knob as kitchen and bed room futnfurniture hardwares

1, the quality of the cabinet handle
Compared with ordinary cabinet handles, high-quality cabinet handles are generally fine workmanship, no flaws on the surface, and feel good to the touch, so we must take care of the quality of the cabinet handles when purchasing. When the quality of the cabinet handle cannot meet your need, it is not recommended to buy.

2, the material of the cabinet handle
As far as the current market is concerned, there are many kinds of materials for cabinet handles. Ceramics, zinc alloys, aluminum alloys and copper are common. For example, copper cabinet handles are relatively hard and are not prone to off-target problems. The ceramic cabinet handle feels better, if gently touched there is a cold feeling. Stainless steel and aluminum alloy cabinet handles, after special processing, have strong corrosion resistance and scratch resistance, and are often used in general households. The surface of the zinc alloy cabinet handle is very bright and looks beautiful. Therefore, we can choose the right cabinet handle material according to your needs.

3, the style and style of the cabinet handle
When choosing a cabinet handle, we must choose a suitable cabinet handle according to the style and style of our cabinet. Usually, the kitchen decoration is mainly European style, then the cabinets should be matched with European style copper cabinet handles. If the kitchen is mainly decorated in Chinese classical style or rustic style, It is recommended to choose ceramic-style cabinet handles and cabinets. The kitchen is decorated in a modern minimalist style, you stainless steel or aluminum alloy cabinet handles and cabinets can be the best choice.

4, the pull of the cabinet handle
In addition to the above points, we also need to pay attention to the pull of the cabinet handle, generally the pull of the cabinet handle is more than 6 kg, if it does not meet this standard, it is recommended not to buy.

10 Jul 2018

The Best Material for Door Handle Knobs of Furniture Hardware

What materials are used in the door handles for everyone? The door handle has a lot of different materials, and the different materials can provide different enjoyment. So what kind of material is the door handle? This question is what we want to introduce today.

Plastic handle: Made of plastic as raw material, plastic is a synthetic polymer compound (polymer), also known as polymer or macromolecules, also commonly known as plastics or resin, you can freely change the style of the body. The plastic handle is produced by the injection molding machine. The mold is designed according to the shape requirements, and the injection molding is performed once. It can also be combined with the zinc alloy parts.

Hardware handle: traditional hardware, also known as “small hardware.” It refers to various metal parts made of metal such as iron, steel and aluminum by forging, calendering, cutting, etc. Such as hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, construction hardware and security supplies. Small hardware products are not the final consumer goods.

Wooden handle: Wood is the hard fiber material that makes up the arbor or shrub stems and branches under the bark. In plants, the cell wall composition of different cells varies greatly due to the infiltration of various other substances into the cell wall. Common substances are horny, suppository, wood, mineral and so on. Wood is hydrophilic and it has a lot of hardness, so the lignified wall increases both mechanical strength and water permeability.

07 Jul 2018