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How to Install the Sliding Glass Door Hinge and Shower Glass Door Hinge

1. Prepare tools. Prepare special installation tools before installation, such as tape/level for measuring, wood pencil for line positioning, wood perforator/handgun drill for opening, screwdriver for fixing, etc.

2. Line positioning. First use the installation measuring plate or carpenter pencil to line position (drill edge distance generally is 5 mm), then use the handgun drill or carpenter to open hole in the door plate for 35 mm hinged cup installation hole, drilling depth generally is 12 mm.

3. Fixed hinge cup (hinge products). Insert the hinge into the hinge cup hole on the door plate and fix the hinge cup with self-tapping screw.

4. Fix the base. After the hinge is inserted into the door plate cup hole, the hinge is opened, and the side plate is inserted and aligned. The base is fixed with self-tapping screws.

5. Debugging effect. The last step is to open and close the cabinet door to test the effect. The general hinge can be six to adjust, up and down alignment, two door left and right moderate, will cupboard door debugging optimal effect is beautiful, after installing good close the gap is 2 millimeter commonly.

1. Pay attention to installation location and quantity. Theoretically two hinge space is bigger, bearing capacity is stronger, of course, this considers real situation even, household door leaf compares heavy can use 3 hinge, general door USES 2 hinge page to be ok.

2. Prevent falling fan. Falling fan is to point to door and window installation is bad to cause above clearance to increase gradually and below clearance to decrease gradually, bring about switch is bad, still can fall off when serious. The general cause of this may be the selection of undersized hinge or the lack of use of matching screws.

3. Grasp the gap distance. The gap between hinge and door plank must hold well, otherwise the appearance will be very ugly, the gap of door plank is normal 3-5MM, want to put apart expansion joint.

4. Make sure the accessories match. Whether hinge groove and hinge height, width, thickness match. Hinge and its connecting screws, fasteners whether matching. The connection mode of hinge should match the materials of frame and fan, such as the hinge used in the steel frame wooden door, the side connected with the steel frame is welded, and the side connected with the wooden door fan is fixed with wood screw.

18 Oct 2018

How to Install the Soft Close Stainless Steel Drawer Slide and Kitchen Wirebasket Slide

It is difficult to install the slide rail of the drawer. If there is no good technique, it is difficult to install. So if we want to install the drawer slide, we need to master some methods and techniques to install the drawer slide.

Drawer slide rail is commonly used in furniture accessories, for drawer or other moving parts of the guide rail, often with bearings. And the material of drawer pulley character decides when drawer slides comfortable is proper, plastic pulley, wear-resisting nylon, steel ball is the most common 3 kinds of drawer pulley material, when sliding quiet, comfortable and smooth, it is the best method that distinguishes slippery course stand or fall. For cabinets, if the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, then the slide is the kidney. Large and small storage drawer, whether can freely slide and pull, rely on the support of drawer slide rail. Generally, the bottom drawer slide rail is better than the side drawer slide rail, and the overall connection with the drawer is better than the three-point connection.

The drawer slippery course is installed above all decide to use what kind of drawer slippery course, what use commonly is 3 joint hidden type slippery course, please according to certain data, decide good your drawer length, with the depth of counter, in order to choose corresponding dimension installs on the drawer. Next, reassemble the five boards of the drawer, screw on, the drawer panel with card slot, after processing, put the drawer on the installed drawer, to adjust the pin hole location match, and then push the locking pin into the lock drawer and slide rail. Finally, to install the cabinet body, screw the plastic hole on the side board of the cabinet body first, and then install the track removed from above. One slide track respectively USES two small screws before and after fixation. Both sides of cabinet body should be installed and fixed. After the slide rail of the drawer is installed, aim the end of the movable rail (inner rail) on both sides of the drawer side board at the end of the fixed rail (middle rail), and then push it gently inside, and you will hear a light card, indicating that the movable rail and the fixed rail part have been connected, and the drawer can be pushed and pulled freely.

09 Oct 2018

How to Install the Soft Closing Push Open Ball Bearing Drawer Slide with 3d Buckles

The structure of the drawer slide rail includes fixed rail, movable rail, middle rail, ball bearing, clutch and buffer. The buffer is a key part of the damper slide rail, which is installed in the fixed rail and consists of shell, piston rod and piston. When the drawer is switched on and off, the piston rod moves the piston, and the fluid in the drawer slide will flow from the through hole on the piston to the other side, thus acting as a buffer.

The drawer slide rail is designed with hydraulic deceleration, which can effectively reduce the impact force, so that the drawer will not be abruptly closed, causing damage to the furniture. And there is no noise at the switch, creating a soft, silent comfort. Drawers with drawer slides are great to use when closed and have a long service life and do not require maintenance.

Here is the introduction of drawer slides product installation and use, as you can see, the installation of drawer slides is relatively simple, basically can be mastered, of course, if it is said that he can’t own installation, also can ask professional people for installation, the installation of the drawer slides expenses is very appropriate also, will not cause you economic burden, want to introduce the drawer slide rail installation method, can help you for the installation of drawer slides have a better help.

30 Sep 2018

Furniture Cabinet cheap Hydraulic Soft Close sliding hinge for overhanging window and Door

With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, the technological field has penetrated into every aspect of people’s life, which has brought great effect to people’s life and saved a lot of time and energy that does not need to be wasted. It greatly improves our work efficiency and saves our free time. The new technology that I’m going to show you today is a hinge. The utility model relates to a form sliding hinge, especially to a sliding hinge for overhanging window.

A sliding hinge is used for the upper suspension window, and the oriented working face is bent from one end of the disengaging notch to one side away from the slide rail. The upper suspension window is provided with a sliding hinge, and the reinforcing bar is arranged at the end of the leading apex Angle away from the relief notch.

Beneficial effects of this utility model is: using the rectangular shaped guide apex Angle to avoid the top end of the cantilever, Angle and friction between apex Angle and extrusion, makes the service life of the vertex Angle and the top of the cantilever, are greatly increases the force, but also solves the hanging on the window close imperfect can’t even fully closed questions; Increased second slider increased contact between edges and slide rail slider bearing surface, both to increase the wear resistance of sliding block, slow at the top of the tower cantilever Angle caused by the slide block wear parts wear and tear, and the friction hinge can provide greater friction against open casement is in a position to closing force due to gravity, can be used in larger or heavier hanging on the window.

19 Sep 2018

soft closing Gas Spring

06 Feb 2018

Lift-up Flay stay cabinet support FS100

Lift-up Flay stay cabinet support FS100

Free stop when the cabinet door open degree  between 25°and 107°, close slowly when open degree less than 25°.

This unit fits for wall cabinet door max weight 8KGs and max wide 1200mm.

Available in different panel thickness 16mm-28mm;

Tool-free installation bring much convenience and Force adjustable when the door close.

Lift-up Flay stay cabinet support FS100

23 Nov 2017

Aluminum door hinge how to install aluminum door hinge how to fix

Aluminum doors widely in the market now, many homes have aluminum door, aluminum door hinge how to positions aluminum door hinge how to install it there must be a lot of people care about it. Small series below to see how aluminum hinge installation and aluminium hinges how to position it. Hoping to help yo.

First observation of hinge types, this step is often not easily noticed, but blindly get hinges installed, and easy to misplace, after installation or drilling required and removed, thus affecting the appearance of the door.

1, watching the door or window opening direction is to the left or right opening.
2, measurement, use a measuring plate or private pencil line location, again with an electric drill or hole punch holes in door panel (requires a choice according to hinge mounting hole size drill bit directly), drilling depth is based on a fixed PIN length.
3, the hinges into the hinge hole on the door panel using self tapping screws securing the hinge. Embedded hinges door will hinge Cup holes open, then set in and align the side panels, the base is fixed with self tapping screws.
4, debug, installation results, look at the hinges of the doors and Windows are installed too tight or too loose or the gap is too wide, and so on, which hinge around, up and down, adjust for best Windows and doors, hinge installation is complete.

1, must measure hinge location, otherwise easily lead to doors or Windows installed crooked, even the hinges cannot be installed at all.
2, hinge drilling depth must not be too deep or too shallow, too deep will easily lead to overly flexible loose, if too much light it’s hard to put in the screws, a little lighter. The size of the hole must not be too large, so easily lead to too loose, impact doors and Windows closed to open, thus affecting the life, smaller does not matter, just screw is relatively difficult. When the screws, do not miss, so as not to affect the use of doors and Windows.
Aluminum door hinge location
A positioning hinge, two hinges 1 and 2 with a rotational component.

Turned component including two hinge seat 1, and 2 between has two group turned tablets 3, and 4, two group turned tablets between through hinge 5 connection; turned tablets 3 of end and hinge seat 1 through hinge 6 connection, turned tablets 3 of another end has positioning Rod 7; turned tablets 4 of end and hinge seat 2 through hinge 8 connection, turned tablets 4 of another end has positioning Rod 9; two hinge seat respectively connection has positioning pieces 10, and 11, positioning pieces 10, and 11 Shang respectively has can capacity positioning Rod 7, and 9 in which sliding of sliding slot 12, Slide positioning card installed in slot 13. Due to positioning the hinge Rod installed in 7, 9, hinges on turns, the rod 7, 9 in the chute slide, when Rod 7, 9 meet card points 13 o’clock, card point Rod card, so hinge location.


22 Jul 2016

Introduction of the aluminium sliding door pulleys and wardrobe sliding door roller easy to cheat you, and cherish

Aluminum sliding door pulley structure mainly composed of slide on the wheel, pulley, fixing screws, slide wheel traction screws a few important components. Pulley selection is very important, less prone to noise of pulleys, smooth running, sliding is not smooth, wear-resistant, etc, and contrary to some high quality pulleys.

Pulleys are made of plastic pulleys, pulleys of metal and glass-fiber pulley 3. Metal pulley strength big, but in and track contact Shi easy produced noise, glass fiber pulley, contains roll column bearing, push pulled Shun sliding, wear lasting, box type closed structure effective dust, two a anti-jumped device ensure glide Shi security reliable; and some low-grade push doors of wheels, by organic plastic made, very easy wear deformation, time a long push pulled on level downs, open round structure easy into dust wear internal bearing, there push pulled flexible, a anti-jumped device even no anti-jumped device, push pulled Shi easy derailed, is not security.

Aluminum sliding door pulley model for owners rarely understand, only sliding door pulleys are aware of the problem only when there is a problem in many cases, owners or direct repair replacement Windows and doors company to solve. Sliding pulley model by many, such as according to different materials and thickness, brand, processing methods, specifications, to divide, but each manufacturer has its own model, can be described as a mixed bag. But according to single, double, flat, grooved wheel model has certain rules, sliding door pulleys mainly in a customized manner.
Aluminum sliding door pulleys price varies considerably, from around pulley may be one of the most common and hundreds of led to this factor depends primarily on the pulleys material, thickness, diameter, brand, load-carrying capacity of.
Wardrobe sliding door roller easy to cheat you, and cherish
Wardrobe sliding door roller easy to cheat you, and cherish, when we use on weekdays and pay attention to the daily maintenance of sliding doors, sliding door only by scientific maintenance with longer. Here to explain the wardrobe sliding doors under maintenance: 1. door: sliding door for glass or high density Board. For glass doors and weekday can be wiped using a soft, dry cotton cloth or silk, do not use hard or hard cloth to wipe, you may scratch the surface. Every once in awhile or a door when there is a serious stain, you can use the diluted
On weekdays you use, pay attention to the daily maintenance of sliding doors, sliding door only by scientific maintenance with longer. Here to explain the wardrobe sliding doors under maintenance:

1. door: sliding door for glass or high density Board. For glass doors and weekday can be wiped using a soft, dry cotton cloth or silk, do not use hard or hard cloth to wipe, you may scratch the surface. Each across a time or door has serious of stains Shi, can using diluted had of neutral detergent or glass dedicated detergent wipe, then with dry of pure cotton, and not off hair of rag wipe dry; for high-density Board, should not be with General detergent scrub, often with dry of pure cotton rag wipe can, if water clean, note must to with dry of pure cotton rag wipe dry.
2. the pulley block is the soul of sliding doors, which figure is small, but very important, so pay attention to the maintenance of the pulley. Sliding door pulleys and wheels, wheel if you are needle roller bearings with the sliding up and down, no need to add oil, just pay attention to clean debris. General bearings or rubber wheel to every six months or so in the drops of lubricating the sliding parts, to keep it smooth. In addition, Light sliding door pulley using a long beep is a normal phenomenon, in order to ensure the pulley and lasting smooth and quiet, can regularly every 2-3 months along the top and bottom pulley add some lubricant.
3. track: end of rail easy accumulated dust, it directly effect end of round of sliding, to effect push doors of using life, clean of track will makes pulley of using life greatly extended, thus usually to note often clear end of rail dust and hard real, can using vacuum cleaner clear, corner at with rag dipped water clean, while note with not off hair of pure cotton wipe dry. In addition, the heavy impact, collision to prevent external forces hit the rail, push-pull maneuver to gentle, jerks the impact to prevent violence. If there is track position the slot, align the hexagon wrench to push the side panel to the dense stitching to.

4. border: border of the sliding door is metal, daily cleaning wipe with a dry cotton cloth. If the water used clean, try to wring out the cloth, and then wipe dry with a dry cloth after cleaning, metal surface so as not to damage, affect the appearance. Do not use chemical cleansers or acidic cleaning liquid, found it difficult to remove the black spots on the surface can be a little alcohol wipe.


21 Jul 2016

Aluminum sliding door pulleys of different materials compare

It is well known that pulley is aluminum alloy sliding core of soul, push-pull switching is realized through the pulley, and wheel quality is determined by its ocean shipping and bearing quality, the material part of for pulley also played a decisive role. Pulley of the material currently on the market are mainly fiberglass metal pulley pulley plastic pulley and three below, and wood sliding doors and Windows should have a discussion on the different materials aluminum alloy pulley comparison.

Sliding of push-pull maneuver of simple, stylish design, often appears in modern home decor. Aluminum sliding door pulleys pulley fixing screws down on the structure mainly composed of slide-wheel traction screws a few important components. Sliding door top and bottom pulley selection is very important, some poor pulley easier to cause noise to smooth not wear-resistant sliding is not smooth, and contrary to some high quality pulleys.

Below we compare the characteristics of three types of pulleys:
Pulleys of metal strength, but prone to noise when in contact with the track.
Fiberglass pulleys, including roller bearing, push-pull, smooth, wear-resistant durable, closed structure effective cartridge dust-proof device two taxiing to ensure safe and reliable.
Some low-grade sliding wheels, made from organic plastic, easy to wear and deformation, a long time push-pull ups and downs, open wheel dust internal bearing wear, there is push-pull flexible-proof-proof device even without a, easy to push and pull to cheat, is not safe.

Aluminum sliding door pulley model for owners rarely understand, only sliding door pulleys are aware of the problem only when there is a problem in many cases, owners or direct repair replacement Windows and doors company to solve. Sliding pulley model also has many kinds, such as according to different material thickness brand process specifications, such as dividing, but each manufacturer has its own model, can be described as a mixed bag. Only by single and double flat grooved wheel model has certain rules, sliding door pulley major exists in a customized way, to meet the weight and mass of aluminum and glass. Sliding pulley price mainly depends on the material thickness outside diameter pulley brand load factors, such as price varies, from around pulley may be one of the most common and hundreds of.

Sliding doors and Windows using high quality pulleys accessories match aluminum alloy products, easy to install close high push-pull soft smooth relaxed, zero zero noise resistance, high quality of life for consumers to enjoy.


13 Jun 2016

Wardrobe sliding doors how to install a pulley and pulley sliding door installation method

Best answer to 1:1, take a border and seal, with fixing screws;

2, place fixed the border on the ground, and then lined up on the border above the door panels move;
3, take a border card into lined door panels, fixed with screws, and borders;
4, on the card into the seal, screw, while on the fixed pulley;

5, when the upper and lower screws are fixed, with traction screws falling under wheel fixed to the inside to complete installation;
6, attention: when installing slide wheel, pulley spring is in.
Share the best answer 2: down again (by hand or paper cards can) falling wheels. When installing doors, move into the next track, pulleys cards in aluminum box, OK, you can adjust the door height, on the part into the first track, have holes in the side, well, Hello 1, by adjusting the screws first wardrobe selection. Specialized selection of the green sheet is in line with national standards, but some manufacturers use, are some of the non-test report, and on human health.
PVC sliding door pulleys installed quantity right
With aluminium Rails, mounted on aluminum rail-wheel effect is very good.

Sliding pulley installation method
You expect good hehe, not only good quality, now most of them are new, but this looks like the pulleys are out of date, and installed on the slide, this gadget is to locate, but installation is above the top of the … : Oh you want to slide up and down, otherwise it’s useless, will have the tool (drill 35 drill bit Phillips screwdriver, etc) recommended find a Carpenter to help you. Hanging church door do you? is the wheels on it, the entire door is installed by lifting right? Manual is there??? There should be.
Titanium-magnesium alloy sliding double install method

Answer 1: first, the major tool for installation and use 1, drill: fixed stopper holes in door frames, rubber plugs, anchors. 2, electric: hole, fixing screws, can replace a variety of drill bits, and set aside. A:&phi:10mm drill: gum Jack. B:&phi:8mm drill: gum Jack. Drill: handle hole. D:&phi:3.2mm drill: screw holes. 3, pull feet: measure size, door size. 4, blade: unpacking, sharpening a pencil. 5, screwdrivers (﹢ words): length: loosen the screws, door frame connections, adjustable doors, and accessories on. 6, screwdrivers (–): length: loosen the screws and adjust the doors. 7, a hacksaw: spare change. 8, plastic glass *: plastic glass fixed or shut. 9, hex wrenches: adjust the sliding door next, connect a 45-degree angle, attached bathroom accessories. A: ф 5mm:45-degree angle connection, adjust the door. B: φ 4mm: adjust the door leaf, connecting bathroom glass accessories. C: φ 3mm: even. Answer 2: the prices here, grade this is hard to say, if Carpenter decorated gate is the best, or you have Carpenter renovated the alloy is not required.


03 Jun 2016