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How to Install the Kitchen Drawer Rails Metal Sliding Tracks Plastic Slide Track

Tables are very common in our daily lives. Most tables are equipped with drawers, and most of the drawers have sliding rails. After a long period of use, there will be some damage to the rails, and people will choose to remove and replace them. But many people don’t know how to remove the slide rail drawer. Then, next, I will introduce you how to remove a slide rail drawer from Xiaobian.

First of all, you need to make sure that the home is the kind of slide rails, such as three sections of track, sheet metal slides. If it is a three-section track, you should first pull the cabinet out gently. When you want to pull it down, you must carefully look at whether the two sides of the cabinet will leak a relatively pointed thing, usually on both sides of the cabinet. Have. (This kind of pointed thing, usually called a plastic cartridge), then try to force the plastic card thing twice down, and you can understand the crisp sound when you press it. The instructions are open. This makes it easy to remove the cabinet. When removing, be sure to keep the cabinet in a horizontal position. Do not use too much force. Otherwise, the rails on both sides will be damaged. After adjustment, install it in a suitable position.

First, the cabinet should be pulled out easily, but it must be kept in a stable state when it is pulled out, so that it will not hurt the cabinet and the track when it is pulled out. Look at the buttons on both sides of the cabinet. If you see it, try to press down with your hand. If you can press it, you will hear a click, then take out the cabinet. But don’t use too much force when you press it. If you don’t understand that something is stuck, you need to check it. After pressing, remove it gently and keep it flat so that it does not cause too much damage to the track. After re-extracting, check whether the track rails of the drawer are deformed or other situations. If deformation is encountered, usually adjust the position of the deformation, fix it, and then put it in the original way. Into it, it is easy to complete the disassembly of the drawer slides, and the installation of two major problems

22 Oct 2018

How to Choose the Soft Close Stainless Steel Drawer Kitchen Drawer Slide

Everyone knows that without a slide rail, drawers cannot be called drawers. So the slide rail is the most important part of the drawer. Therefore, the purchase of the rails becomes very important. The kitchen is often used with drawers, but the kitchen drawers are often prone to problems, and we need to re-purchase the kitchen drawer slides. Next, I will introduce you to the purchase of kitchen drawer slides.

Kitchen drawer slides – the purchase of kitchen drawer slides
1. Pay attention to the structure and material of the drawer slide. The most important thing to buy a kitchen drawer slide is the load-bearing. The drawer slides that are connected to the whole are the best, the three-point connection is second, and the disassembly is simple. For drawer slides, inferior materials have a fatal effect on the quality of the slide rails. When purchasing, you should carefully feel the slide rails of different materials, choose the feel of the real, high hardness, relatively heavy slide rails.

2, according to the needs of their own kitchen cabinets, buy the right model. The purchase of kitchen hardware accessories must be matched with the cabinets. Therefore, the model requirements for drawer slides and other accessories are extremely strict. The length of the slide rails and the requirements for drawers are the key considerations. If the drawer is to be placed in a very heavy weight, pay great attention to the weight of the drawer slides and the number of pushes the slides can withstand under load.

3. Select the drawer slides in the field test. Good kitchen drawer slides have little resistance when pushed and pulled, and when the slide rail is pulled to the end, the drawer will not fall off or fall over. At the scene, you can also pull out the drawer and press it on the drawer with your hand to see the drawer. Whether there is looseness, whether there is a creaking sound. At the same time, the resistance and resilience of the drawer slides during the drawer pull-out process are obvious. Whether it is smooth or not, you also need to push and pull several times on the spot to observe.

19 Oct 2018

Installation of Two Drawer Slides and Adar Soft Close Drawer Slides

Drawer slide rail is commonly used in furniture accessories, for drawer or other moving parts of the guide rail, often with bearings. And the material of drawer pulley character decides when drawer slides comfortable is proper, plastic pulley, wear-resisting nylon, steel ball is the most common 3 kinds of drawer pulley material, when sliding quiet, comfortable and smooth, it is the best method that distinguishes slippery course stand or fall.

The drawer slippery course is installed above all decide to use what kind of drawer slippery course, what use commonly is 3 joint hidden type slippery course, please according to certain data, decide good your drawer length, with the depth of counter, in order to choose corresponding dimension installs on the drawer.

Next, reassemble the five boards of the drawer, screw on, the drawer panel with card slot, after processing, put the drawer on the installed drawer, to adjust the pin hole location match, and then push the locking pin into the lock drawer and slide rail.

Finally, to install the cabinet body, screw the plastic hole on the side board of the cabinet body first, and then install the track removed from above. One slide track respectively USES two small screws before and after fixation. Both sides of cabinet body should be installed and fixed.

Is to introduce the above two drawer slide rail installation method, now you should also understand, sometimes we don’t have assembled to buy back of the drawer, need oneself to assemble, so it is important to understand the installation method of the drawer, you want to install can operation, according to the above methods is very practical.

11 Oct 2018

How to install undermount drawer slide kitchen cabinet drawer slide channel slide for drawer and Steel Soft Close Furniture Drawer Slide

Now furniture design and installation of more humanization, use rise more convenient also, take the drawer, for instance, drawers with it will be a long period of time before it doesn’t work out, but now are generally installed in the drawer drawer slides, so the use of the drawer is more convenient, so the installation of drawer slides for drawer is also very important.

Measure the depth of drawer slide rail before installation, and choose the specification and dimension of damp slide rail according to the depth of drawer slide rail. Also note the screw installation data, and reserve the location of the screw installation. Measure the depth of drawer slide rail, determine the size of drawer slide rail, and punch holes in the side of the drawer according to installation requirements. Make sure that the installation position is fixed when drilling holes to avoid deviation.

After the preparatory work is completed, the drawer slide rail is installed. Firstly, the slide rail on the drawer side plate is installed and the screw driver is used to tighten the screw. When you are well, try to shake with your hands. Install the slide rail on the counter side board, and keep level with the slide rail of the drawer when installing, otherwise the drawer can not be loaded normally. After installation will be a good drawer, switch a few more attempts without fault. If there is noise or obstruction, adjust it and use it.

29 Sep 2018

Judge the Quality of Push To Open Catch Hinge and Push Open Drawer Slide for Cabinet Drawer

Cabinet hardware accessories include hinges, slide rails, pull baskets, handles, skirting boards, etc. Among these accessories, the most difficult to damage is the cabinet handle, the most vulnerable to damage is the hinges and slide rails, so when buying cabinets, cabinet hinges And the slide rails are the most important.

When purchasing or customizing cabinets, how should the quality of cabinet hardware be the most important reference factor, but how to distinguish the quality of cabinet hardware?

First, the cabinet hinge (commonly known as hinge)

1, look at the material:

   The cabinet hardware of the big brand is almost always made of cold-rolled steel, which is stamped and formed at one time, with a thick hand and a smooth surface. Moreover, since the surface plating is thick, it is not easy to rust, strong and durable, and has a strong bearing capacity, and the cabinet door is stretched freely, and the door is not tightly closed. The inferior hinges are usually made of thin iron, which has almost no resilience. When used for a long time, it will lose its elasticity, resulting in the cabinet door being not tightly closed or even cracked.

2, by hand:

   Different hinges have different feels. The hinges with excellent quality are softer when the cabinet door is opened. When it is closed to 15 degrees, it will rebound automatically and the resilience is very uniform. Inferior hinges have a short service life and are easy to fall off. For example, cabinet doors and cabinets fall down, mostly due to the quality of the hinges.

Second, the slide rail

   Whether the cabinet drawer can be opened and closed freely and smoothly, and the weight of the drawer is all supported by the slide rail. Therefore, if the quality of the slide rail is not enough, it is difficult to bear the weight of the drawer for a long time.

1. Test steel:

   The drawer can bear the weight, mainly depending on whether the steel of the track is good or not. The thickness of the drawer steel of different specifications is different, and the bearing weight is also different. When you purchase, you can pull out the drawer and press it slightly on your hand to see if it will loosen, squeak or flip.

2, look at the material:

   The material of the pulley determines the comfort of the drawer when it slides. Plastic pulleys, steel balls, and wear-resistant nylon are the three most common types of pulley materials, of which wear-resistant nylon is the top grade, which is quiet and silent when sliding. Look at the quality of the pulley, you can push and pull the drawer with one finger, there should be no guilt, no noise.

17 Aug 2018

The Cabinet Drawer Slide Rail Behind The Bedroom Drawers and kitchen Drawers

The drawers of the bedside table, the drawers of the dressing table, the drawers of the TV cabinets, etc., the drawers in the furniture are always hidden but everywhere. The beauty of the drawers is a matter of personal preference, but the function and lifetime depend on the quality of the slides and the hinges. Similarly, because the rails are frequently used hardware accessories, it is very important in furniture fittings.

Slide rail: both sides must be leveled

According to professionals, the importance of the slide rail is second only to the hinge. The better sliding function should be the natural combination of the smoothness and the load-bearing effect. Under the rated load-bearing conditions, there is no obvious friction and jamming phenomenon, and the sliding is smooth. It plays an important role in the use and lifetime of the drawer. At present, the more common ones on the market are “iron plate sliding rails” and “damping pumping rails”. The general load-bearing weight of the iron plate sliding rail is about 35 kg, and the damping pumping rail is between 45 kg and 70 kg, which not only pulls silent, but also increases the bearing capacity. According to the professional, the damper suction rail can reduce the noise caused by severe mechanical collisions and prevent premature aging of metal parts, and has the function of automatically removing dust. It is understood that the choice of slides is the recognition of the brand, the price difference is also larger, the well-known brands of thicker siding, fine workmanship, durable, small brand sliding rails are thin, workmanship, will appear after a period of use Poor sliding, noise, damage, etc.

Tip: If there is a problem with the slide rails, beside the quality of the product, there is another reason that the installation is improper, it is likely that the two sides are not leveled.

03 Aug 2018

How to choose a hidden damper slide

Hidden damped slide rails represent the trend of the most up-to-date drawer slides and cause high concern for companies that want to upgrade their products, such as furniture, cabinets, and sanitary ware. The upgrades of manufacturers in these industries can only rely on product upgrades in most cases.

The profit of a featured product brought by a well-functioning hardware is a must for building branded furniture. Hidden damper slides are such a high-grade furniture hardware mute slide rail that fascinates branded furniture and When you look at the drawer from the front you can’t see the track marks.

The more high-tech products are, the more likely they are to have quality problems. If not choose rightly, they may not be as convenient and economical as using ordinary slides. The quality is uneven and prices are far apart when there are so many manufacturers of concealed damper slides in the market. Many production-oriented furniture companies that want to apply are struggling.

So how to choose hidden damper rails? Here are some useful tips.

Slide rail production process: the most direct way to distinguish from appearence is viewing the production process.The general small plant due to competition will use poorer materials, while the mold and production levels are relatively lacking, and the strength of the manufacturer’s hidden damper slide Green steel will be used, its hardness will increase the load bearing rails what make it not easy to rust and mature production process is better.

Pull out the slide rails: Pull and open the concealed damper slides by hand and see if it is very hard to pull out. Many immature manufacturers are afraid that the slide rails will have insufficient strength when the drawer is closed, and increase the strength of the springs. However, there is no way to handle the lightness when it need a lot of strength to be pulled out. This is an immature manifestation.

Slider closing time: Hand-pull opening and closing of the hidden damper slide, close to the slide rail to produce damping effect at the moment to the final closure of about 1.2 seconds is the most appropriate. If too fast,it will produce the impact of the drawer slide sound, if too slow ,it may cause the possibility that the drawer may not be closed tightly for long use. In general, hydraulic buffers for damping rails will make it easier to grasp the closing time, and pneumatic buffers will be more difficult to control.

Whether the slide rail is swaying: The slide rail mounted on the drawer shakes and swings cannot be too volient. If it is, it generally feels bad. The more deadly thing is that shaking the assembly leads to the damper rod damper of the hidden damper slide rail. The danger that eventually emerged led to the disappearance of this high-end function.

Slide durability test: This is the most important indicator of the quality of the slide rails, but not everyone has such a test route, so that the slides can run 50,000 times without damage. It would be a good choice to obtain a certificate from an inspection agency such as SGS. After all, if use a manpower hand to open and close the drawer for 50,000 times, no one will have such a good patience.

Well-known manufacturer of slide rails: Hidden damper slides, stampings require a high degree of automation, hydraulic damping rods also need a high degree of automation to ensure its stability. The general small rail manufacturers, for the development of hidden damper slides, it is difficult to guarantee a one-time mold will be successful.The mold development failed a little bit worse, which means that hundreds of thousands of mold costs will have to Bathing soup. After the production is completed, the molds are modified, and a large amount of cost is also invested. Therefore, even if an ordinary small business knows that its products are defective, it may not be easy to improve due to the shortage of funds and the uncertainty of the market. At the same time, the slide rail companies that can both produce stamping parts and can produce hydraulic damping rods can be said to be very few, and generally take out purchased parts, which will lead to instability and uncontrollability of the product. It is self-evident that a well-known manufacturer of powerful rails has an advantage in ensuring quality.

Shanghai Temax hardware company is a high-speed developing company, dedicated in manufacturing and exporting furniture hardwares for more than 14 years.Try it! To inspect the quality of the hidden damper slide in the display video according to the tips that you know just now.Please enjoy it !

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25 Jun 2018

ÇİFT AÇILIM BİLYELİ TELESKOPİK RAY-TEAMX soft closing ball bearing slide

Genişlik Uzunluk
45 MM 300 MM
45 MM 350 MM
45 MM 400 MM
45 MM 450 MM
45 MM 500 MM
45 MM 550 MM

TELESKOPİK RAY-TEAMX soft closing ball bearing slide

TEMAX ürün ve gruplarında kaliteye önem vermektedir. Uzun ömür ve dayanıklılık esaslarına uygun üretim ve memnuniyet odaklı çalışmaktadır. Temel misyonumuz dünden bugüne hiç değişmemiştir

RAY FRS 45M350 SLW, 45M400 SLW, 45M450 SLW, 45M500 SLW,

ÇİFT AÇILIM BİLYELİ TELESKOPİK RAY TEAMX -DB456F soft closing ball bearing slide



ÇİFT AÇILIM BİLYELİ TELESKOPİK RAY  TEAMX -DB456F  soft closing ball bearing slide


12 Sep 2017

Four Different Types of Drawer Slides

1.These are regular low-profile drawer slides, we call it painted drawer slides. They are inexpensive and easy to install, and are placed at the bottom of the drawer. Though they are not for drawers with a lot of weight to them, they are very good for drawers in nightstands or dressers, or even pullout trays in desks for keyboards. They can be found in any home improvement store. Get more painted slides.

2.There are ball-bearing type of slides. Two fold or there fold slides, because they can be positioned anywhere on the drawer (not just the bottom) and slide so smoothly. They are better at handling heavier drawers like the trash bin for the kitchen. Better ball bearing slide has soft close function. Get more ball bearing slides with soft close.

3.The Undermount drawer slides give you the maximum width provided in the drawer space. With under mount drawers, the drawer slide is attached to the bottom of the drawer as opposed to the side. Higher-quality cabinet lines use under mount drawer slides over side-mount slides. With under mounts drawer slides, you actually gain more interior space due to not having to compensate for the space of the slides on the side they are also slightly stronger than side mounts slides due to the weight being contained underneath. The sides of the drawer will remain bare because the metal slides will not be exposed. Get more undermount drawer slides.

4.If you’d like to get extra fancy, the Temax Tandembox slides will have you spoiled in no time. They are deluxe metal drawer system,open smoothly and close quietly thanks to their integrated soft close feature. They are actually the slide and drawer side in one. You add the bottom, back, and drawer front. They are self-closing (which contributes to the being spoiled part) and can be customized by using a design element. Get more tandembox drawer slides.

26 Jan 2017

Baner Box Soft Close Metal Box Drawer

Baner Box is a sub-brand of TEMAX Furniture Hardware Company, with 13 years marketing experience in Furniture Hardware,we set up our new brand BanerBox.

Baner Box is Temax’s deluxe metal drawer system. It is available in two different colors to match your cabinets perfectly, and it can even be customized by using a design element as the drawer side.

Baner Box drawers open smoothly and close quietly thanks to their integrated soft close feature. Every Baner Box drawer is full extension, meaning you’ll have access to everything in the drawer, even the items in the back.

Product information:
Wide range of drawer lengths – 11″ to 26″ (270 – 650 mm)
Top drawer heights in N (68 mm) and M (84 mm)
Deep drawer heights in a variety of design options

26 Jan 2017