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Zinc Alloy Soft Close hinge or Adjustable Stainless Steel Hinge?

The hinges in furniture hardware occupy an important position. The quality of the hinge is directly related to the use of furniture and doors.

Common classification

1. According to the type of base, it is divided into two types: detachable type and fixed type;

2, according to the type of arm body is divided into: slide-in and card-type;

3, according to the position of the door panel cover, it is divided into a full cover (straight bend, straight arm), a general cover of 18 centimeters, a half cover (medium bend, curved arm) cover of 9 centimetres, and the built-in (large bend, Daqu) door panels are all hidden inside;

4. According to the style of the hinge development stage: a length of force hinge, two-stage force hinge, hydraulic buffer hinge, touch self-opening hinge, etc.;

5, according to the hinge opening angle: generally used 95-110 degrees, special 25 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 135 degrees, 165 degrees, 180 degrees, etc.;

6, according to the type of hinge is divided into: ordinary one, two-stage force hinge, short arm hinge, 26 cup micro hinge, marble hinge, aluminum frame door hinge, special angle hinge, glass hinge, rebound hinge, American hinge, damping hinge , thick door hinges, etc.

23 Aug 2018

Judge the Quality of Push To Open Catch Hinge and Push Open Drawer Slide for Cabinet Drawer

Cabinet hardware accessories include hinges, slide rails, pull baskets, handles, skirting boards, etc. Among these accessories, the most difficult to damage is the cabinet handle, the most vulnerable to damage is the hinges and slide rails, so when buying cabinets, cabinet hinges And the slide rails are the most important.

When purchasing or customizing cabinets, how should the quality of cabinet hardware be the most important reference factor, but how to distinguish the quality of cabinet hardware?

First, the cabinet hinge (commonly known as hinge)

1, look at the material:

   The cabinet hardware of the big brand is almost always made of cold-rolled steel, which is stamped and formed at one time, with a thick hand and a smooth surface. Moreover, since the surface plating is thick, it is not easy to rust, strong and durable, and has a strong bearing capacity, and the cabinet door is stretched freely, and the door is not tightly closed. The inferior hinges are usually made of thin iron, which has almost no resilience. When used for a long time, it will lose its elasticity, resulting in the cabinet door being not tightly closed or even cracked.

2, by hand:

   Different hinges have different feels. The hinges with excellent quality are softer when the cabinet door is opened. When it is closed to 15 degrees, it will rebound automatically and the resilience is very uniform. Inferior hinges have a short service life and are easy to fall off. For example, cabinet doors and cabinets fall down, mostly due to the quality of the hinges.

Second, the slide rail

   Whether the cabinet drawer can be opened and closed freely and smoothly, and the weight of the drawer is all supported by the slide rail. Therefore, if the quality of the slide rail is not enough, it is difficult to bear the weight of the drawer for a long time.

1. Test steel:

   The drawer can bear the weight, mainly depending on whether the steel of the track is good or not. The thickness of the drawer steel of different specifications is different, and the bearing weight is also different. When you purchase, you can pull out the drawer and press it slightly on your hand to see if it will loosen, squeak or flip.

2, look at the material:

   The material of the pulley determines the comfort of the drawer when it slides. Plastic pulleys, steel balls, and wear-resistant nylon are the three most common types of pulley materials, of which wear-resistant nylon is the top grade, which is quiet and silent when sliding. Look at the quality of the pulley, you can push and pull the drawer with one finger, there should be no guilt, no noise.

17 Aug 2018

How to install the door hinge – door hinge introduction

The door hinge is often a two-fold type, a part that connects two parts of an object and enables it to move. A hinge is a device used for attachment or rotation to allow rotation of a door, cover or other oscillating member, usually consisting of a pair of metal blades connected by a pin.

How to install the door hinge – door hinge installation method introduced
The installation hinges are stressful. The six main points to note are:

(1) Before installation, check whether the hinge matches the door frame or fan.

(2) Check if the hinge groove and hinge height, width and thickness match.

(3) Check whether the screws and fasteners connected to the hinges are matched.

(4) The connection method of the hinge should be matched with the material of the frame and the fan, such as the hinge used for the steel frame wooden door, the side connected with the steel frame is welded, and the side connected with the wooden door is fixed with wood screws.

(5) In the case of asymmetrical two-page sheet hinges, it should be discerned which page board should be connected with the fan, which page board should be connected with the door window frame, and the side connected to the three sections of the shaft should be connected with the box.The side connected to the shaft should be fixed with the frame.

(6) When installing, ensure that the hinges on the same fan are on the same plumb line so that the door/window fan does not spring up.

The above is an introduction to the installation method of the door hinge.After learning that I believe you will have a certain understanding of the related knowledge of the door hinge. The door hinge is one of the building materials we often need to use when we are in the renovation.It is still very necessary for us to know about some knowledge of door hinge installation. You may wish to consider the our proposal to install the door hinge.

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25 Jun 2018

How about shower Door Hinges Glass Door-With soft close

  • Product Name: Stainless Steel Glass Shower Door Hinges
  • Degree:90,135,180
  • Adapt width:800-900mm
  • Glass Thickness:8-10mm
  • Main material:Stainless Steel SUS 304 OR Aluminum
  • Finish:Brush,Feature
  • With hydraulice soft close

Other Product name:

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  • glass door hinge
  • door hinge
  • glass door hinge
  • door hinge type
  • glass hinge
  • bathroom door hinge
  • bathroom hinge
  • Shower Door Hinges
  • hydraulice glass clamp
  • glass clamp
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glass clamp detail,glass door hinge

shower Door Hinges with soft closing-temax HBS180 untitled TEMAX soft close Shower Door Hinges TEMAX soft close Shower Door Hinges-2 TEMAX soft close Shower Door Hinges-3

09 Aug 2017