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Zinc Alloy Soft Close hinge or Adjustable Stainless Steel Hinge?

The hinges in furniture hardware occupy an important position. The quality of the hinge is directly related to the use of furniture and doors.

Common classification

1. According to the type of base, it is divided into two types: detachable type and fixed type;

2, according to the type of arm body is divided into: slide-in and card-type;

3, according to the position of the door panel cover, it is divided into a full cover (straight bend, straight arm), a general cover of 18 centimeters, a half cover (medium bend, curved arm) cover of 9 centimetres, and the built-in (large bend, Daqu) door panels are all hidden inside;

4. According to the style of the hinge development stage: a length of force hinge, two-stage force hinge, hydraulic buffer hinge, touch self-opening hinge, etc.;

5, according to the hinge opening angle: generally used 95-110 degrees, special 25 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 135 degrees, 165 degrees, 180 degrees, etc.;

6, according to the type of hinge is divided into: ordinary one, two-stage force hinge, short arm hinge, 26 cup micro hinge, marble hinge, aluminum frame door hinge, special angle hinge, glass hinge, rebound hinge, American hinge, damping hinge , thick door hinges, etc.

23 Aug 2018

Purchase turkey type hydraulic steel soft open hinge furniture hardware

As an important part of the cabinet, the quality of hardware is valued by more and more consumers. Of course, we also need to beware of the deception of unscrupulous businessmen when buying. After all, there are many types of cabinet hardware, which is easy to pick up. Therefore, when purchasing, you should also pay attention to these points, beware of buying fake and inferior products.

Cabinet hardware quality is concerned

   As consumers’ eyes become more and more critical, home hardware is becoming more and more humane in this regard. Of course, in the cabinet industry, the quality of hardware is also related to the strength of the enterprise.

   For example, the cabinet rail pulley is one of the important hardware in the cabinet hardware. The advantages and disadvantages of the cabinet rail pulleys on the market are not distinguished by the appearance and the way of use. The main difference lies in the materials, principles, structures and equipment. Most of the differences between the production process and the production process, most consumers may accidentally buy inferior products back, so when buying cabinets, you should pay attention to check whether the cabinet rail pulley has its own anti-counterfeiting mark.

Buying hardware accessories requires anti-counterfeiting

   There are a lot of cabinet companies in order to make their products better market, distinguish them from other counterfeit products, and use anti-counterfeit labels to show that their products are real products, which is also convenient for consumers to buy.

   In the custom cabinet hardware accessories, the quality of the hardware is directly related to the service life of the cabinet, good hardware accessories can guarantee the service life of the cabinet, and the inferior hardware will make the cabinet door open, not pushable, not tight, give Consumers bring troubles and inconveniences, which requires consumers to pay attention to anti-counterfeiting when decorating cabinets in furniture brands, so as to buy high-quality cabinets.

   In the past, because the cabinets were mainly made by carpenters, the cabinet hardware materials were purchased from the market. There were always some parts damaged during the long period of time. Many consumers also struggled to find maintenance personnel. Nowadays, many merchants selling cabinets on the market regard the after-sales service as the main event. Even if the hardware is damaged, they can find the repair of the merchant, which is enough to prove the strength of the enterprise.

14 Aug 2018

Modern Furniture Hardware Glass and High-Gloss Accessories with Soft Close System

The development of modern furniture hardware accessories also advocates people-oriented; and popular new high-end disassembled furniture hardware. The development and introduction of new hardware accessories, the updating and improvement of functions, styles and quality have also given the continuous development of furniture styles and functions. In order to improve the production efficiency of furniture, facilitate production and design, standardize, serialize and generalize the processing of furniture holes, resulting in a 32mm series, which realizes the standardization and strong interchangeability of furniture parts. The standardization of furniture also makes furniture hardware more convenient in terms of versatility, interchangeability and functionality.

    Looking at the latest technology and application of modern furniture hardware, there are four main aspects:

    1. In modern furniture hardware, the proportion of glass, high-gloss materials (mute, paint, high-gloss veneer, etc.) and metal materials combined with traditional furniture plates has an increasing trend. For example, the application of all-glass door hardware is gradually increasing.

    2. the damping function has become an essential function of all kinds of furniture. For example, the most used ones are damping drawer rails, damper door hinges, damping sliding door hardware, damper door bumps, and damping up and down door hardware.

    3. can be raised and lowered combination table system, desktop storage management system, such as: LCD monitor bracket, telephone bracket and so on. Various wire management systems, such as desktop dark sockets and various specialized hardware, are widely used in office furniture. For example: heavy-duty fishing basket drawers, office door hinges, etc.

    4. Pressing the door hinges, drawer rails and dark handles are widely used in furniture without handles and dark handles, such as PUSH hinges, press pins, PUSH drawer rails, and dark handles. Concealed connectors are connected between two boards, the connectors are not visible from the outside, and there are numerous ways to connect them. Dark handle furniture, there is no handle on the surface, more use on the kitchen cabinet, the cabinet is now also used, these push-type anklets, press it when opening.

08 Aug 2018

How about shower Door Hinges Glass Door-With soft close

  • Product Name: Stainless Steel Glass Shower Door Hinges
  • Degree:90,135,180
  • Adapt width:800-900mm
  • Glass Thickness:8-10mm
  • Main material:Stainless Steel SUS 304 OR Aluminum
  • Finish:Brush,Feature
  • With hydraulice soft close

Other Product name:

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  • glass door hinge
  • door hinge
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  • bathroom door hinge
  • bathroom hinge
  • Shower Door Hinges
  • hydraulice glass clamp
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glass clamp detail,glass door hinge

shower Door Hinges with soft closing-temax HBS180 untitled TEMAX soft close Shower Door Hinges TEMAX soft close Shower Door Hinges-2 TEMAX soft close Shower Door Hinges-3

09 Aug 2017