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TEMAX International Furniture Production Equipment and Ingredients Exhibition

TEMAX International Furniture Production Equipment and Ingredients Exhibition – Temax Ciff & InterZum

The 123rd Canton Fair will continue to be held in Guangzhou this year at April 15th to 19th 2018

Realize new upgrades and new developments

For Temax

 Continuously provide different furniture hardware solutions for you

Whether your furniture is Nordic or Chinese style

Our hardware can make the home space more efficient and practical

During the exhibition, a steady stream of Chinese and foreign customers arrived

Explain products with customers

Concealed slide, Tandem box, hinges still are main products. Guests continue to consult.

The cabinet is designed for flexible tandem box pumping to meet different storage space requirements. 

The items are easily taken and

drawers are automatically returned.

Concealed slide save space and are quick and easy to install and remove, creating a tasteful space.

The use of hinges is widely. It is suitable for the connection of wardrobes, bookcases, cabinets, TV

cabinets, cabinets, wine cabinets and other furniture. It relies on the new technology to adapt to

the closing speed of the doors and form a comfortable effect when closing. , make the home feel

more comfortable.

Since its establishment in 2008

Ten years of storm

Just like our values

Efficient, Collaboration, Altruism, Passion

Temax will continue to innovate in the future

Stick to doing things with your heart

Create quality life for customers

15 May 2018




Guangzhou Interzum Fair CIFF in 2017;  Still waiting for you. Booth no.: 14.1B03.  March 28th – 31th, 2017

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14 Sep 2017