Types of Thin Tandem Box Slimilar Blum Drawer System For Drawer in Ukraine

Drawer track type – what is the drawer track specification

The slippery course of the drawer, it is fixed on certain orbit namely, those who offer drawer other moving part to move, contain groove or curvilinear guide course. The dimensions of drawer slide course have commonly on market: 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches. We can install sliding rails of different sizes according to the model size of each drawer. Drawer track according to the length of the slide rail, can be divided into 27cm, 36cm, 45cm and other length of the slide rail. And according to the material of drawer slippery course will divide, the drawer slippery course that USES commonly at present has roller slippery course, steel bead slippery course and wear-resisting nylon slippery course.

Thin Tandem Box Slimilar Blum Drawer System For DrawerThin Tandem Box Slimilar Blum Drawer System For Drawer

Roller track roller slide rail structure is relatively simple, composed of a pulley, two rails, can deal with the daily push and pull needs, but the bearing force is poor, also do not have buffer and rebound function, commonly used and computer keyboard drawer, light drawer.

35MM Telescopic Slide With Clip Hook35MM Telescopic Slide With Clip Hook

Steel bead track steel bead slippery course is basically the metallic slippery course of 3 section, more common it is the structure that installs in drawer flank, installation is simpler, and save space. Good quality steel ball slide rail can ensure the smooth pull, bearing capacity, famous brand products on the market are mainly sold this type of slide rail. With smooth sliding, easy installation, very durable. The special structure of the rail and the precision steel ball ensure the stability. It can be mounted directly on the side panel or plug-mounted or mounted into the recess of the drawer side panel in (mm) 250,300,350,400,450,500,550,600. In addition, there are many special rail, such as with frame rail, table ball rail, etc.

Nylon track and those who stand the test most, it is wear-resisting nylon slippery course, complete nylon makes relatively scarce on market, and the slippery course that contains partial nylon has many. The nylon drawer slide ensures that the cabinet drawer is smooth, quiet and resilient when pulled out.

half extension push open undermount slide with 3d bucklehalf extension push open undermount slide with 3d buckle