what are the cabinet hardware accessories such as hinges and sliding door rollers?

First, what are the cabinet hardware accessories?
1, the hinge is the switch of the cabinet, because we use it every day, so we value its quality when choosing. We need to choose according to the cabinet door when we choose, and the quality requirement is also the key when choosing the hinge. of.

2, the pulley is also one of the important hardware of the cabinet, its importance and the hinge are the same. When we choose the cabinet, we also need to consider the quality of the pulley, so we must distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the pulley when we choose. .

3, the skirting board is easy to ignore, if the cabinet is problematic, then the first kickboard is the first one, because the skirting board is adjacent to the ground, it is easy to get wet, and because the wet kicking board will be moldy, so we choose Be sure to pay attention to the quality when you are kicking the board.

Special short arm American cabinet types of cupboard hingesSpecial short arm American cabinet types of cupboard hinges

Second, cabinet hardware accessories purchase skills
1. When the hinge is selected, the brand is very important. When we choose, the first thing to consider is the quality. When we choose, it is very important to choose a product with a thick hand and a smooth surface. This kind of product is not easy. Rusty, so it is the best choice for cabinets.

2, the pulley is in our selection because we need to consider the load-bearing capacity, so when we choose, we must look at more than the pulley and the track needs us to consider. Only in this way can we ensure that the pulley we choose is used for a longer period of time.

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