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Temax Kabinettscharnier drücken, um System zu öffnen
More and more young people begin to attach importance to kitchen decoration and design. For them, a perfect kitchen should be both beautiful and convenient to use. Especially for the kitchen cabinet design, comfort and convenient are the basic requirements. Generally, when designing the kitchen cabinet, most designers will choose pretty handle and soft closing cabinet hinge to avoid noise caused by closing the cabinet door. But some designers may will ask themselves” can I design a much more user-friendly kitchen cabinet?” Yes! You can easily make it by just installing a push to open item on the cabinet.

How this ”push to open” item makes the design more friendly?

If you are housewives or a chef, you will always find that your two hands seems not enough to use or sometimes you are so tired to open the cupboard with hands. Every time when meet this problems, you may pray:”oh, God, how i wish i had three hands or more!” No prayer any more, now the magical small item”push to open” can help you out: light push on the cabinet, door open! Now you can use you head/knee/ass/shoulder or any of your body parts to open the cabinet door! For designer, they can easily install the push to open item together with the cabinet hinge.

When do kitchen cabinet designs, generally end users always concern the quality, except for the function. So it is very important to choose the high quality hardware accessories: TEMAX push to open &cabinet hinge.

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