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1. PeMix-Push to Open Series

"PeMix" push to open system are single-directional spring devices that slow down the linear movement before reaching the final position and enable a controlled return to the starting position. Click to read more about PeMix


2. BanerBox-Soft Close Metal Box Drawer Series

"Baner Box" is Temax's deluxe metal drawer system. It is available in two different colors to match your cabinets perfectly, and it can even be customized by using a design element as the drawer side. Click to read more about BanerBox


3. MaxGo-Hanging Sliding Door Roller Series

MaxGo” with soft close system to make the sliding door slide smoothly, easily open and close. Click to read more about MaxGo


4. MaxWay-Sliding Door Damper Series

"MaxWay" soft closing device catches the running doors so that they close slowly, silently and softly. Click to read more aboutMaxWay

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