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Quality life is to hide details. 

The concept of "dynamic hinge" (door hinge series) is derived from the research on quality life. 

A high level life does not rely on the accumulation of quality materials, it should start from the 

design, so that the product fits the concept of light luxury home decoration.

As mentioned: the quality life in the performance of details. The role of hardware in advanced 

life is to make the connection smoother and hidden, to show visual beauty, and luxury home 


"Appearance, customization and pragmatism"

It is an extension from visual thinking to applied thinking of home furnishing to meet the needs 

of high-quality custom furnishing.

Super Dynamic Appearance


Smart and homely



Custom Homes to Please Yourself 

New homes want their home to be as good as it gets, and so do we. The door hinge series can 

be customized according to the color of different cabinets, to match the style of the cabinet. 

Focus on the customizationthe details, so that the new house is a unique cabin for the new 

couple, which is the opening A small family in a new stage of life.

hinge invisibility

Cover built-in hinge, two-way protection, anti-rust and anti-scratch


*The door hinge cover is made of ultra-durable material, the hinge is 100% hidden, and the hinge 

is protected from rust and scratches.

High-quality hidden application

No matter how smooth the cabinet surface is, it can't stop the messy screws and holes. The door 

hinge series implements the "invisible concept" to the end, combining streamlined + arc-shaped

design, allowing the hinge to be hidden in the high-quality decorative cover, visually highlighting 

the high-end sense and aesthetics of the storage cabinet, allowing items to be picked up and 

stored more comfortable. 


special pick-up angle, close freely



5° small-angle buffer technology, the smaller the buffer angle, the smaller the closing sound.

Slow Home Living Style

This concept is suitable for the current city life. Quietness and rest have become the home pursuits 

of young people today. It is inevitable to use too much force when opening and closing. With front

buffer,so that the two-way multi protection system can offset the press by closing. In addition There 

is also a door closing protection with a small angle buffer of 5°, so that the cabinet door closes gently.

The 45° angle is just the trouble to test the opening and closing of the cabinet.

The door hinge is set to open and close >45°, which can be opened and stopped at any time, quickly

taken, and the door can be closed by elbow, which meets the increasingly fast pace of life of modern

people and reduces the burden of time.




The door hinge is combined with people's habit of opening,the cabinet door can get into soft 

close when the door is gently pushed to ≤45°.